Trade union leaders believe that SAS has crossed the line by demanding a 10-year collective bargaining agreement without the right to strike.

According to the SAS Pilot Union, SAS has requested a 10-year contract. The pilot is said to have provided 6 years, but SAS reports that SAS will not accept contracts shorter than 8 years.

The union responded distrustfully to the information.

“I was shocked by the actions of SAS management. They have been trying to negotiate an agreement since November and then cynically used people’s vacation trips to force unions to disagree. “We are,” Felles for bundlet leader Jørn Eggum told E24.

Reaction from SAS

SAS did not confirm the information.

They pointed out that the negotiations were subject to confidentiality, but said in an explanation presented by the union that they “did not recognize themselves at all.”

LO and YS also responded strongly to the demands of SAS administrators.

“This is completely unprecedented, completely unprecedented. I have never heard of this. Needless to say, it is completely impossible for unions to participate in this (transaction). “YS deputy leader Hans Eric Skegeld told the newspaper.

Priority airline

Fagforbundet believes that employee organization and the right to strike are at stake. The union has traditionally maintained SAS as a preferred airline due to the orderly conditions of its employees. But now things look different, said leader Mette Node.

Unions have the potential to reduce flights with SAS.

“I can’t stand this. I was surprised. If crushing trade unions is their big goal, there is no good reason for Fagforbundet to continue using SAS. In the future, a thorough evaluation is needed. “Nord added.

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