United Arab Emirates has set up a 3 billion dirham ($ 820 million) fund to develop satellites, has already installed a spacecraft in the orbit of Mars, and is an ambitious space that includes plans to explore Venus. Support the plan.

The program includes the establishment of a national fund with a capital of 3 billion dirhams and the launch of a national program for the development of the latest radar satellites, said UAE ruler Mohammed Binzaid. The satellite provides 24-hour all-weather earth imaging.

“This project will contribute to the UAE’s efforts to develop solutions for improving climate change, environmental sustainability and disaster management,” said the country’s media office.
The Gulf countries said the move would make Arab countries the first countries to develop constellations for synthetic aperture radar satellites. In addition to launching a spacecraft into the orbit of Mars with plans to explore Venus and land on an asteroid within seven years, the UAE already has the most ambitious space program in the Middle East.

The country will establish a space agency in 2014, dispatch the first astronauts to the International Space Station five years later, and dispatch an unmanned spacecraft to the Moon in 2024.

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