The University of Macau (UM) welcomed over 3,900 new students on the first day of the new school year yesterday.

Undergraduate applications have increased by about 20% since last year, with applications from more than 35 countries and regions, up about 34% from last year. There are over 1,900 freshmen enrolled, with students from Macau, mainland China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

UM’s School of Health Sciences launched a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Technology program to help develop the local healthcare industry and train more professionals in the field.

Applications for graduate programs increased 30% from last year, and more than 2,000 new students were enrolled. UM has also launched three new graduate programs. MSc in Global Public Health, MSc in Internet of Things, and MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience.

UM also launched scholarships for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programs at the University of Macau, with 39 students awarded.

Rector Yonghua Song delivered a welcoming speech via video link, stating that UM supports students in all aspects of their development and creates an environment conducive to personal growth and academic development.

Mr Song added that he hopes the new undergraduates will further improve their knowledge and learning ability and actively participate in group and social activities. He also hopes that new graduate students will pursue innovation in their research projects by “taking a problem-oriented approach with interdisciplinary knowledge and methods,” as well as utilizing the university’s platforms and resources. There was

In line with Covid-19 prevention and control measures, all classes will be conducted online until September 17, after which the education mode will be determined based on the pandemic situation, Macau Post Daily reported.

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