Singapore-Physiotherapist Assistant Janson Lim, 47, was haunted to fly a drone on Old Holland Road, a usual but inaccessible ride with a friend.

But he is now heading to a scenic location just five minutes from his home.

A resident of Pandan Gardens, who had a hobby of flying unmanned aerial vehicles about a year and a half ago, said he was very excited to hear that a dedicated flight area had been opened in the Pandan Reservoir.

“The fields on Old Holland Road are so well known among drone users that they can be quite crowded, especially on weekends, so it’s great to be here to fly a drone. That’s what Lim said.

“I also look forward to meeting like-minded people as the community builds here over time.”

Unmanned aerial vehicle enthusiasts have told The Straits Times that they welcome the opening of a flight area for the Pandan Reservoir to be added to the list of locations where aircraft can operate.

However, when most people fly an unmanned aerial vehicle over water, there is some risk as the drone can fall into the water.

Liu Shi Song, 29, founder of aviation service company Phantom Wings, said unmanned aerial vehicles and those who are not confident in their skills may find it difficult to operate in a reservoir.

“There is a mental jump to fly over the water as the drone does not retreat when it goes out. On land, if the drone falls, at least it can be recovered and may be repaired. “Pilot, said Liu, who is also a commercial.

“If it falls into the water, it is difficult to recover, and even if it does, it can be irreparable due to flood damage.”

Signs around the flight area state that recovery services will not be provided if the drone falls into the water.

At Pandan Reservoir, unmanned aerial vehicle pilots do not need to apply for a recreational flight permit, but they must register for aircraft weighing over 250g and follow general rules such as not flying above an average of 60m above sea level.

Permits are still required for those flying unmanned aerial vehicles weighing over 25 kg and those conducting non-entertainment flights.

Alvin Yeoh, 42, secretary of the Singapore Multirotor Association, usually needs a few days before flying one of the 10 first-person drones because he needs permission to fly in the usual places in marsiling. Said that we need to plan.

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