RTS reported that the skies opened over parts of Switzerland on August 17, 2022. Parts of the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino in Switzerland reached 90 mm of 24-hour rainfall.

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Thunderstorms brought heavy rain, wind and hail to certain parts of Switzerland on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, SRF reported. The hardest hit were Western Switzerland, Basel and Ticino. In Locarno, Ticino, he received about 90 mm of rain in 24 hours, SRF Meteor reported. Locarno typically receives 212 mm of rain throughout August.

In western Switzerland it was 57 mm at Vevey in Vaud and 56 mm at Choëx in the nearby town of Valais. The city of Basel recorded 58 mm of rainfall in 24 hours. His typical monthly rainfall in August for the city of Basel is 88 mm. 58 mm is two-thirds of the typical daily precipitation for August.

Trains between Belp and Thun in the canton of Bern have been canceled after a platform was flooded due to storm damage.

But not everyone in Switzerland can expect relief from the dry heat sweeping Europe. All regions should see at least a small amount of rain by Sunday, but the extent is unknown. Much of the precipitation will be locally heavy because it is caused by microclimates and unpredictable temperature differences, he writes SRF Meteor.

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