On Monday night, health officials announced that additional preliminary positive cases were detected on a city-wide mass testing drive in 10-in-1 mixed samples taken at five different testing stations.

Retesting is done on a single sample basis.

In the 10-in-one mixed sampling technique, the swab head is placed in the same virus storage tube during the collection process, followed by sealed transport, inactivation, and testing.

Mixed samples with negative results were excluded and no further individual tests were performed, while mixed samples with positive results are further individualized to identify individuals infected with 2019-nCoV. ..

Authorities are currently conducting individual tests on stakeholders, and those who chose these locations for testing at the same time as these samples will use the rapid test kit at home over the next two days and the results will be I’m asking you to upload online.

New preliminary positive samples were collected at the next NAT station and time.

  • Macau Science and Technology Hospital, June 19, 15:20;
  • Kagamidaira School – Secondary School, June 19, 4:25 pm.
  • Venetian Macao, SA, June 19, around 19:00.
  • Kwon Thai School, around 00:00 on June 20th.
  • Macau Women’s General Association Multi-Service Building, June 20, 10:45 am

Earlier on Monday, health officials announced that preliminary positive samples were detected at six testing stations.

  • Kian Wu Hospital: Around 12:00 on June 19th.
  • Venetian: June 19th, around 12:30.
  • Monha Sports Center: Around 16:40 on June 19th.
  • Dom Bosco (Yuet Wah) Elementary School: June 19th, around 18:00.
  • Public Security Forces Academy: June 19th, around 19:25
  • Macau Workers Children’s School (Kindergarten Division): June 20, around 03:00

“Citizens who have been tested at the above locations and times do not have to worry, but they should manage their health properly, perform a rapid antigen test once within 2 days after sampling, and test on the designated platform. You will need to upload the results. If you feel unwell, go to the hospital’s emergency team for treatment, “said the new Corona Virus Response Coordination Center.

The number of confirmed cases announced at a press conference at 5 pm by health authorities was 36.

The last two cases have been symptomatic, with 10 reporting symptoms and 26 asymptomatic so far.

The city-wide mass test program lasts until 12:00 pm on Tuesday.

As of 10 pm on Monday, 585,666 citizens had completed the COVID-19 test.

Those who have not been tested after 12:00 pm on June 21st will be assigned a yellow health code and will be taken to a location designated by the police for sampling. Officials will not be able to leave the venue until the test returns negative.

Those who are refused the exam will be examined for 14 days at the designated venue.

Meanwhile, as of the statement issued at 00:17 on June 21, the number of sealed controlled areas (Red Health Code) has increased to 11.

1. YIM LAI Building (Rua de Manuel de Arriaga no. 60-66C);

2. PADRE Modern Cuisine (Avenida da Praia Grande, n.º251, Building. TAK FUNG, R / CB and C);

3. TAT CHEONG Building (Rua de Afonso de Alburquerquen.º 33-35G);

4. Parkway Mansion Building, Block 2 (Rua do Almirante Costa Cabraln.º146);

5. CHIU FOK Center (Rua de Pedro Coutinho no. 23);

6. FLOWER CITY – LEI POU KOK (Avenida Olimpican.º177-259, RuadeÉvoran.º10-72);

7. Lake View Garden (Plaza de Robo de Avila 16-18);

8. Lam Kei cranes Assadas (Rua da Emenda, 40;

9. Macau International Center (Tower VI) (Rua de Malaca 124RuadoTerminal Marítimo 93-103Travessada Amizade 82);

10.EDF. JARDIN IAT LAI (BLOCK 6) (Rua Centralde T’oi Sàn302);

11. EDF. MAN LEI (BLOCOS S, T): Rua Três do Bairro da Areia Preta 6

Persons living in the above buildings must comply with the following Red Health Code management and management measures:

-Onsite nucleic acid test, nucleic acid test on days 1, 3, 7 and rapid antigen test on days 2, 4, 5, and 6.

-People are allowed access and all individuals are prohibited from leaving, except for epidemic preventive workers. Individuals in the affected areas can only receive materials and consumables assigned to designated locations in order to reduce travel as much as possible.

-Affected individuals will either undergo on-site isolation medical observations or be referred to appropriate centralized medical observation sites if identified.

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