The United States has already counted Malaysia’s trafficking blacklist on Tuesday, claiming weak efforts to end forced sex work and support migrant workers in Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei and Macau. Added to.

In its annual report, the U.S. also added authoritarian-dominated Belarus to the blacklist and put Bulgaria on the watch list for concerns that it did not take human trafficking seriously with rare criticisms of its Western allies. ..

“The report shows that progress is mixed,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

Blinken said corruption is the “top tool” for traffickers who are blind to the government.

“When we tackle issues such as climate and corruption through diplomacy, we also need to address how they intersect with trafficking,” he said.

The State Department’s annual trafficking report has spared historically close allies and often caused friction, but US officials say unpleasant headlines have taken the government into action.

Blacklisted countries — “Tier 3” — are subject to US sanctions, but the government routinely abandons punishment for friendly countries that promise improvement.

Vietnam, which has a warming relationship with Washington due to shared concerns about the rise of China, was downgraded to Tier 3 with the State Department, and the Hanoi government said it reduced prosecutions in 2021.

The report is particularly erroneous in that Hanoi took no action as Vietnamese diplomats and embassy officials stationed in Saudi Arabia were accused of being involved in the trafficking of several civilians. I found.

In Cambodia, the Ministry of State said “endemic corruption” has hampered efforts to help thousands of people, including children trafficked in recreational facilities, brick kilns and online fraudulent operations.

“Authorities often overlooked, denied, disregarded, and clashed with brick makers and arrested, imprisoned, and tried to flee indentured workers, including forced child labor in factories and brick kilns. I returned it, “the report said.

Regarding Macau, the report said authorities did not serve one trafficking victim for the third consecutive year.

For Bulgaria, which, along with Serbia, was threatened with a blacklist downgrade without improvement, the State Department said authorities had investigated “significantly fewer” traffickers and sometimes punished victims for crimes against them.

Also new to the Tier 3 blacklist is Sint Maarten, a small territory of the Dutch Caribbean.

In addition to Malaysia, the countries on the list from the previous year were Afghanistan, Cuba, Eritrea, Guinea Bisau, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Nicaragua, Russia, South Sudan, Syria, Turkmenistan and Venezuela.

Comoros in Algeria and the Indian Ocean Islands have been upgraded from the blacklist this year due to improvements.

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