Washington: U.S. lawmakers set Thursday to focus on Donald Trump’s pressure campaign against the Vice President to help defeated Republican leaders overturn their defeat in the 2020 presidential election it was done.

Liz Cheney, vice chairman of the House Committee investigating the parliamentary riots, said at a hearing on June 3, Mike Pence Joe on January 6, 2021 and the days before. -He said he would work on Trump’s “persistent efforts” to deny Biden’s victory.

“As the federal judge showed, this could be a violation of two federal criminal laws. President Trump has no de facto basis for what he is doing, and he says it is. It was said to be illegal, “Chainy said on Twitter.

“Nevertheless, President Trump planned with a lawyer named John Eastman and others to overturn the outcome of the January 6 elections.”

The Commission’s aides are Eastman’s role in planning Trump to pressure Pence to overthrow the election, backed by a false legal theory that represents “a serious danger to American democracy.” Said to consider.

Chainy’s tweet included a clip of testimony from Trump White House lawyer Eric Hirschman, who told Eastman the day after the riot. You will need it. “

The Commission is in the midst of conducting a television hearing on the riots carried out by the Trump mob to overturn the outcome of the 2020 elections.

It has already been repeatedly said that he lost a fair fight with Biden, but revealed testimony from many of Trump’s closest allies who declared victory and pushed the story of his fraudulent elections anyway. did.

Desperate Trump turned to Pence for illegal assistance, as dozens of legal objections dismissed as inappropriate and ethically suspicious failed in courts across the country.

Mr. Trump used rally speeches and Twitter to put strong pressure on Pence to abuse his position as Senate Chair after the election results were approved on January 6.

“We intend to show that the pressure campaign contributed directly to the attack on the Capitol, which puts the life of the Vice President at risk,” said a special committee aide.

–’Hang Mike Pence’ –

During his “stop stealing” rally prior to the House and Senate joint session to approve the election, Trump marches his supporters at the Capitol to “fight like hell.” I mentioned Pence many times when I said it.

However, Pence wrote to Congress that his founding father never intended to have “one-sided power” to overturn the number of elections to the Vice President, “such power in American history. I have never claimed it. “

The mobs whipped by Trump threatened to hang Pence because they did not cooperate when they attacked the Capitol, and even built a gallows in front of the building.

When Chaney was featured in the White House last week on the subject of the chanting “Hanging Mike Pence,” Trump replied, “Probably our supporters have the right idea,” and Pence “deserves.” Said.

As the dust settled in a few days, Pence accused the media of being enthusiastic about the rebellion, but strengthened its relationship with Trump in preparation for the widely expected tilt in the 2024 presidency. Did. “Presidential positions belong only to Americans and Americans,” he told the Conservative Federalist Association.

“And frankly, there is no more non-American idea than the idea that anyone can choose an American president.”

The Panel will hear from JMichael Luttig, a well-known conservative legal scholar and retired federal judge who advised Pence not to intervene in the recognition of elections.

“The only responsibility and power of the Vice President under the Constitution is to count faithfully when the electoral college votes are cast,” Luttig tweeted the day before the riots.

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