It was a tragic end to what could have been generations of domestic abuse.

A 31-year-old US optician apparently shot and killed his father, brother-in-law, and his father one afternoon before pointing a gun at himself.

In the meantime, she posted a furious Facebook post about why she did so.

Two men were found dead Tuesday (August 23) after receiving a call of a shooting when police rushed to a quiet residential area in the town of Lynn, Massachusetts.

A third man was found dead in a minivan outside another home, and the body of a young woman was found in a car in a supermarket parking lot.

The names of those who died were not officially released immediately, but multiple media reports identified them as Mohammad Sharifi, 66. His son-in-law, Sanjar Harin, 34 years old. The latter’s father, Abdul Halin, 56 years old.

Anything about it that the culprit turned out to be suspected Kosai Sharifi.

She said she abused her mother in the same way her father abused her and didn’t want her two nieces to see it growing up.

Her stepbrother “strangled, slapped, kicked and cursed” her sister before “beating her in the face.”

The post read, “My parents and his parents have known each other for years but haven’t really done much and were like, ‘Fix it out’, ‘What do people say when they break up? ’ And he didn’t even blame the victim.

“I’m trying to be as kind as possible to keep my post from getting deleted. There’s no excuse for what he did.

“Nobody did anything about it, so he kept doing it. How long did he think he could get away with it?”

Kosai also spoke directly to his sister, writing:

“I asked them what they thought of it and they said they were scared and didn’t know what to do. Don’t pass this on to your children as it was passed on to you.

“My father was also verbally abusive before, but from what I personally witnessed, he was mainly abusing my mother financially.

“Maybe that’s why my mother didn’t protect her daughter, because she was a victim too. But that’s no excuse. How can you let your daughter be abused?”

Those who knew the family were shocked. A friend told that it was “not in her nature to be a (Khosai) murderer” and that she was “not a horrible person”.

However, the sisters were “raised roughly” and their parents had a great deal of control over their lives.

Friends didn’t seem to know about the abusive marriage.

However, one of them reportedly said: Her husband didn’t seem very helpful. She wore many hats. She is a cook, maid, nanny and chauffeur. she did it all ”

Kosai concluded his post by saying that he would not suffer life with the wrong person.

“Don’t force yourself to be with the wrong person just for the sake of marriage,” she wrote.

“The ‘just do it’ mentality is not healthy and needs to change. We will not deal with this nonsense.”

Surviving members of the family launched a crowdfunding campaign to help hold the funeral, mentioning their mental health and saying they were heartbroken.

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