The British Chamber of Commerce in Macau (Britcham Macao) and the University of St. Joseph (USJ) have joined forces yesterday to host World Environment Day 2022 with the aim of raising awareness of environmental protection in Macau.

World Environment Day, celebrated every June 5th, was first held in 1973. This is a UN (UN) compliance day to promote environmental protection and raise awareness of environmental issues such as marine pollution, overcrowding, global warming, sustainable consumption and wildlife crime.Today, more than 140 countries are participating in World Environment Day – this year’s event has become a theme “Only one earth”..

Held yesterday at USJ Ilha Verde Campus, the event featured a series of talks on the topic of waste reduction in Macau, the dangers of microplastics, traditional plastic decomposition and mangrove as a source of bioplastic-producing bacteria. rice field.

In addition, there was some education and children’s activities. As 5 or more Booths selling food, beverages and sustainable products Blissful carrots and zero waste shop Lessis More.

2022 World Environment Day at USJ Ilha Verde Campus

In commemoration of World Environment Day 2022, Blitscham Macau emphasized the UN warning. The world uses the equivalent of 1.6 Earth To maintain the current lifestyle … Efforts must be made to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of this century while halving annual greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

“The gap between what you need to spend to adapt and what you are actually spending is widening. The cost of adaptation continues to rise and could reach US $ 280-500 billion annually by 2050. Only for developing countries. Individuals and civil society must play an important role in raising awareness and encouraging major changes in government and the private sector. ” The Chamber of Commerce, which reopened the Green Commission last year to enhance, said.

Along mainland China, Macau has set a goal of achieving peak CO2 emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. January of this yearMacau government revealed its second Five-year plan for economic and social development 2021-2025It emphasized the need to transform the city into a “low carbon emission center”.

Keith Buckley, President of Briccham Macau, said, “We should all think about what each of us can do as an individual to save our world … we do it our way. We may make a small contribution to ourselves. “

USJ President Stephen Morgan said: Of course, looking back, it changes very quickly. He says that the process of changing people’s mindset towards environmental protection goals will allow everyone to see that “there is only one planet” that we all share as our home. I added that it would be.

Eco activist Annie Lao We shared Macau’s waste recycling and the city’s journey to reduce plastic use among locals during Macau’s presentation.

To protect the environment through waste reduction and achieve all green goals, she says: I need to work together. “

Annie Lao
Annie Lao

Sara CardosoA postdoctoral fellow at the USJ Institute for Scientific and Environmental Studies (ISE) talked about the dangers of microplastics (plastics less than 5 mm long) to the environment, marine life, and humans. “Microplastics can affect human health through the consumption of contaminated marine products,” she pointed out.

What can be done in response to the increasing number of microplastic-related issues includes further research, including enforcement and strengthening of relevant laws, further investment in waste management infrastructure, and the development of non-toxic biodegradable plastics. She said. She is “as durable as synthetic plastic,” but can be broken down by organisms such as microbes.

Last speaker at the event, USJ ISE PhD student Muhammad Basir SaiduSaid that mangroves are a source of bioplastics – break down plastic materials produced from renewable biomass sources such as vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, straw, saws, recycled food waste, and traditional plastics. Potential bacteria.

“Plastic pollution is more than just polluting the environment,” Saidu said, noting that it affects many aspects of people’s lives.

But to make bioplastic options readily available to the general public, “more research is needed for a large and inexpensive recovery process for bioplastics from bacteria,” he said. Added.

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