Venezuelan professional breakdance athlete Kenie Mendes, 27, dreams of performing headslide tricks, making a living at Colombian traffic lights and joining Venezuela’s first Olympic breakdance team in 2024. Then play at the signal of Caracas, Venezuela. , soon. (Reuters / Gabby Ora)

Caracas: Venezuelan dancer Kenie Mendes seizes the opportunity as the traffic lights turn red on the busy streets of Caracas. Slide first between the waiting cars to show off your brave breakdance moves.

A video of Mendes wearing an oiled helmet and doing a so-called “headslide” on the streets of the Venezuelan capital has become a hot topic, and the 27-year-old dancer is now dreaming big. She wants to be a national breakdance team for the Olympics. She broke the Guinness World Records with the longest headslide.

Venezuelan professional breakdance athlete Kenyer Mendez

“You need to be in good shape to perform each trick,” Mendes said.

“Even the simplest tricks need to be in good shape, so like any other sport, you need to admire and respect it (breakdance).”

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