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BELCO is laying submarine cables this month as part of an island-wide power transmission upgrade.

A spokesman for a company said: “Submarine cables are important to BELCO’s transmission infrastructure at the eastern end of the island, which advances our commitment to increasing renewable energy production and creating a more sustainable energy future. Helps to make you.

“We are asking the general public of the boat to avoid the work being done to ensure the safety of the workers. Thank you for their patience while this important work is being done. I think that I want to do it.”

If the weather is good, the company will complete the project within four weeks.

The cable route runs across Grotto Bay from Hamilton Parish near the western end of the Coney Island Road Bridge, exiting Kindley Field Road at the Stone Crusher Corner of St. George Parish.

A spokeswoman said: “A comprehensive environmental impact assessment of the proposed route of the cable was carried out by the Bermuda Marine Science Institute. [BIOS] To prevent the placement of cables from disturbing the marine ecosystem.

The first phase of the project began on Monday, June 13, and included the laying of submarine cables from Connie Island to the Stone Crusher Corner. In the second phase, submarine cables will be laid at the intersection of Stokes points.


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