Rakaya Simmons, Tierrai Tull and Lorae Santucci join Bernews at 6pm tonight [July 7] Discuss reproductive rights, access to abortion and related matters, along with topics that have been taken up in US and international headings since the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade case. The discussion was also aimed at “starting a conversation about women’s rights in Bermuda.”

update: Background courtesy: “Tierrai Tull is an up-and-coming junior at the University of Toronto and the University of London, studying international affairs, political science, and public policy. She founded Bermuda Youth Connect, a young Bermuda citizen. With the goal of raising awareness and having the unique goal of promoting BlackWomxn’s rights around the world. Tierrai is currently working as a junior policy analyst at the Ministry of Health.

“Rakaya Simmons is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and has completed an online LPC in the Faculty of Law. She intends to become a qualified lawyer in Bermuda, but her focus is now on corporate services and management. To her passion. Includes education, youth and advocacy. One of her long-term goals is to influence what Bermuda’s public education looks like.

“Kevina Lorae is a comprehensive sex educator and life coach specializing in intimacy, narcissism and relationships. She is currently enrolled in and educated in a certified two-year holistic sex education program. As a successful podcast public and co-host, she uses her platform for comprehensive sexual education, helping groups left out of society that grow as and often struggle to access resources. Advocating women’s rights and LGBTQIA + support. Lorae’s main objective is to encourage sexual education to encourage communities to make more informed decisions, practice tolerance and protect young people. Is to provide. “

The video will be streamed live on Bernews’ YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages, as well as:

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