Talented Bermuda chefs have joined forces to open the Chiko & T’s Restaurant / Catering at the Devonshire Recreation Club, where Bernews has learned about their popular new eateries with Michiko Campbell and Dr. Teneika Eve.

They have been in business since the beginning of May and are proud of their “fresh, delicious, local” cuisine.

Campbell, who has worked in the food industry for 17 years as a location such as the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and Red Steak House and Bar, said he bought from local fishermen and used local ingredients wherever possible.

“We keep everything fresh every day, all day long,” Campbell told Bar News. “Our bestseller is a homemade bread roll fish sandwich.

“Our second best seller is our loaded nachos. We do jerk chicken nachos, plain chicken and vegetarians. Comes with guacamole, fresh salsa and cheese sauce. The barbecue sauce is also delicious. It’s off the chain! “

Campbell said he was amazed at the demand and interest in restaurants that have proven to be popular with locals and tourists.

“It’s a perfect place, in the center, filling the gaps that have been missing since’Fat Man’s Cafe’,” said Campbell, creator of the Spice rub series Chico’s Smoky Love.

“We have a lot of followers in the area, and now we’re starting to meet people from everywhere in Somerset and St. George,” he said. “Since joining Google Maps, the number of tourists has increased.”

Dr. Eve, a chef instructor at Bermuda College who actually taught Campbell many years ago, said she has been supported by the community since the restaurant opened.

“Chiko has always dreamed of having a restaurant. I was wondering,” Why don’t you start a business and start a catering company? ” This is a happy merger of both, as he still wanted a restaurant, “Dr. Eve said.

“It’s humble to do anything on this scale. It took off much bigger and faster than I expected,” she added. We are all Belmudian staff. They are young, not only graduated from college, but still attending college. “

Chiko & T’s is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 8pm.

For more information, visit Instagram @ chiko_Ts, Twitter @ chikocatering, and Facebook’s Chiko & T social media platform. Chiko & T’s Restaurant / Catering posts daily menus in addition to the standard daily menus below.

[- As a note, the video interview was filmed a few days ago, and we were delayed in posting, just mentioning this as they talk about the specials for the week, and we don’t want anyone arriving thinking that means today! ]

CHIKO & TSMENU Bermuda July 4, 2022

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