Bermuda Police Service [BPS] We had a press conference today [June 14] To provide information on national heroes’ day holiday weekend police plans.

Alexander Lorin, Inspector Morse of the Community Police Department, said: June 20, 2022.

“Of particular note are the two events scheduled for Monday’s holiday. JeVais takes place between 3am and 9am, followed by leveled loading.

“In the case of JeVais, the drinkers leave Bernard Park, head left on Marshfolly Road, turn left on Cedar Avenue, then left on Angle Street and back to Bernard Park.

“The Hamilton Corporation and the Ministry of Public Works have issued a traffic notice permitting the closure of the roads mentioned during the event.

“Next is Revel de Road.

“The procession on this street begins at 11:00 am on Monday, June 20th and consists of three laps. This is mainly done in Pembroke Parish. This means the closure of many roads. So, the first lap is Frog Lane, Parsons Road, North Street, Dutton Avenue.

“On the second lap, the North Shore Road to Dutton Avenue, Marsh Folly Road, Black Watch Pass, and Palmetto Road Roundabout will be closed.

“The third and final laps begin at the North Shore Road / Palmet Road Roundabout, head west on Palmet Road to Marsh Folly Road, then turn left onto Dutton Avenue and end at Bernard Park.

“It is expected that it will take about 2 hours for each lap in the matrix to complete.

“Car drivers need to anticipate delays, and traffic detours will occur as a result of road closures and the expected attendance of large numbers of people. Be patient and careful.

“Bermuda Police Service [BPS] Maintains high visibility during these events. We call on the general public not to be involved in criminal activity or antisocial behavior at any of these events, or many other social gatherings held on holiday weekends.

“Although the upcoming carnival event has a noise permit, BPS will continue to monitor noise levels and, if necessary, use legal authority to address noise-related complaints.

“Members of the general public planning to attend any of these events should travel in groups or pairs, avoid parking or walking in dim or isolated areas, and where they are. Please let someone know when you plan to return.

“Parking vehicles of patrons attending scheduled events must not block the surrounding roads or driveways.

“People who go out on the water should submit a float plan. Do not go to the boat alone. Make sure the radio is working and all necessary safety equipment on board is up to date. please.

“When swimming, make sure the boat registration decals are up-to-date and prominent, rather than swimming alone.

“Do not consume alcohol, drive, ride or operate a ship.

“Additional police officers will be working on the water for the raft up scheduled for Saturday, June 18th in Mangrove Bay. Our officers will work closely with the Coast Guard to ensure a safe and enjoyable one. Let’s spend the day.

“We also ask for the cooperation of our officers as we aim to minimize confusion and ensure that everyone can enjoy their vacation without fear of safety and well-being.

“People continue to focus on traffic violations in Operation Vega, including driving disabilities, so we can expect more patrols.

“Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to pray for a safe holiday weekend for all residents and visitors and enjoy it responsibly.”


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