News that Eden Woolley, Mika Lambert and Bridget Marshall have won medals at the Special Olympics in Florida, FIFA and ESPN highlight Dante Leverock’s goal, and Reggie Lamb is the island’s most capped footballer. Darren Herbert will star in Season 3 of the Canadian television show. ”Pretty Hard Cases was part of last week’s positive news article.

The better news is that Elijah Daily wins the silver medal, Erica Holy wins the Boulder Boulder 10K age group, and Justin Donawa plays at Jubilee’s concerts from Solihull Moores and Ravi Canonia Watson to the New Deal. Was provided.

Other good news is the Hotel Stay Award for blood donations, Bacardi working to reduce disposable plastics, Liberty Mutual and KBB cleaning at Astwood Park, Bermuda’s adoptive parent recognized at the tea event, Deloitte. For example, Izaya Cabral, who was awarded a scholarship. , And Asia Atienza, Sophia Marsh, and Zafra Wilson have been selected for the Chub Internship.

We also posted a variety of community photo galleries, including coverage of the Harrington Sound School Exhibition, the Crystal Butterfly Literary Award, and the “Tropical Summer” Market.

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