Published August 24, 2022

Welcome to RVK Newscast! In this episode, Editor-in-Chief Valur Grettisson visits Geldinganes Island to bring you all the latest Icelandic news, including information about a new eruption. Read on for info and links!

Hello and welcome to RVK Newscast! In this episode, Valur and Pollý visit the recent eruption of Meradaryl, showing us a plume of lava fields, presumably a dead volcano. Read below for more information and links.

The Fagradalsfjall volcano appears to have ceased activity, but it’s too early to officially declare it dead. Volcanologists say this could just be the beginning of a series of volcanoes at Fagradalsfjar, and Icelanders are confident there will be more volcanoes on the Reykjanes peninsula in the coming years. Yes. Learn more.

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The newscast was made possible with the help of our friends at Einstök Beer.

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