The prime minister said the country would have to wait until the next budget for the living cost crisis to be dealt with comprehensively.

Micheál Martin said the October budget would make a real difference to those experiencing financial difficulties, but largely ruled out further measures during the summer.

Martin said living expenses cannot be tracked monthly after several street protests over rising prices.

In an interview with Newstalk, Martin said the summer economic statement would be the next important milestone on budget and living costs issues because it “presents what is available in terms of funding.”

The government will soon issue a summer economic statement, a strategy for managing finances. Several newspaper reports on Sunday suggested that the Cabinet could soon approve further measures to improve social welfare and ease pressure on gasoline costs.

However, the Prime Minister said more urgent measures were “not currently planned.”

“We are very aware that we are dealing with a very uncertain situation. Looking at the energy situation, there for everything that is happening in and around the war in Ukraine. It’s very bad for people in Ukraine, “he said.


“We want to take action”: The cost of living crisis is …

“I am very aware that winter can be very difficult in terms of energy and living costs. Therefore, I am serious about the evidence-based approach of the ESRI report published this week. , People need to consider targeted, and in some cases, temporary measures to overcome this crisis. “

When asked about the housing crisis, the Irish Prime Minister said: This is a fundamental problem in the overall housing situation in Ireland.

“Population is a big factor. Ireland’s population growth is probably not taken into account in various public services, and in my view, the next census will reveal a significant population growth.”

He added: [of new homes built annually] So far, it was 20,000 last year and 24,500 at the end of this year. To make a dent in this situation, you have to go far beyond that. “

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