Two more boats – Warrior won When Callisto – Completed the 52nd Newport Bermuda Race.

A spokeswoman said:

“The two were racing in different divisions — Warrior Wong’s Gibbshill Lighthouse division was for professionals, and Callisto’s St. David Lighthouse for amateurs wasn’t a problem. This was the third time in the past year. Because it was a showdown and in sight of each other on the water, each crew member was able to measure performance with a well-known competitor. Trial and error is an advancement in the racing program.

“Shehan [Larchmont, New York]However, when Warrior Wong took the lead, he put another notch on his belt and finished at 02:10:34 ADT with an elapsed time of 56 hours 43 minutes 34 seconds in the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse division. Won the honor of the line.

Warrior Wong owner Chris Sheehan has been complimenting Callisto owner Jim Murray after arriving at Hamilton’s Royal Bermuda Yacht Club dock this morning. Credit: Dave Reed

“Murray [Lake Bluff, Illinois] Callisto wasn’t too late, finishing at 02:55:01 with an elapsed time of 57:48:01 and earning the line’s honor in the lighthouse division of St. David.

“The two teams were the third and fourth finishers overall in this year’s Bermuda race, and now they are interim leaders in the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and St. David Lighthouse divisions, respectively. There are still many finishers to come, This year may be the year when big and fast boats do their best. “

“Callisto programs and Jim are great people,” said 56-year-old Sheehan. “They pushed us hard in every race we participated in. They are as good as they are, so we are pushed to be as good as we are.”

The three 52-foot men moored at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club were hooligans, callisto, and warrior won, from left to right. Credit: John Burnham


A spokesperson said: In both races, Murray’s Callisto was 3rd in the class and 5th overall. “

“Chris and his team are igniting offshore racing,” said Murray, 49. “We have had the opportunity to play against them three times in the past year, and it’s great to compete with them. They set the standard.”

“We gave birth next to each other at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club’s marina, and the two crew members talked about the difficult situation that began before the race began,” a spokeswoman said.

Interview with Callisto owner Jim Murray

“I think it was an incredibly challenging race,” Murray said. “When the front crossed the start line (Friday), the forecast was out of the window. It was a leeward race soon. I was chasing the front all the way to Bermuda and it was a confusing sea condition. The wind was up and down and was shifting quite a bit. It was the perfect combination of everything you could get. It was a great race. “

“The pre-race prediction was that I was doing jib bleach all the time. On the day of the start, it turned out to be leeward and I brought two spinnakers for that scenario,” said Warrior Wong, a sailor around the world. Stubanatine says. “The last was a tricky race. Hard in gear. Many boats were damaged, but we kept it together. We pushed the boat hard. It was a lot of effort. . “

“The Warrior Wong crew defeated Callisto because they had all their hands on the deck for the last 17 hours from 0900 to the finish on Sunday,” a spokeswoman said.

Interview with Warrior Wong’s Colin Leon and Stuart Banatain

“I think one of the key parts of the race was full court coverage,” Bannatyne said. “We put everyone on the deck and pushed 110%. We were eager to look at the trackers on the final day, which made a difference. We’re leeward to Bermuda. Was cool. “

A spokeswoman said: “Callisto’s crew, who belonged to the St. David Lighthouse Division, had 10 amateurs and 4 professionals, but professionals can’t steer the boat. Murray knows how to handle the boat. He took turns turning six amateur steers he knew and said the pros were good at coaching in very tough situations. “

“Saturday night we went 20 knots and launched a wave,” Murray said. “They were only 3-4 feet, but they came out of nowhere quite steeply. And it was pitch black. The crew sat down and held their heads in the game. We all got over the evening. Continued to attend and was able to concentrate on driving the boat to Bermuda. “

A spokeswoman said: Warrior Wong also blew off a similar sail. “

“We lost one spinnaker because of incredible sea conditions,” Murray said. “It was our A2 +, our uprange spinnaker. It was very important. I used the A2 for the rest of the race but had to take care of it. Fortunately I dialed back about 10%. After all, the kites we had were really well made and held together until the end. “

Most of the fleet is on track towards Bermuda, and more and more boats are beginning to cross the finish line of the St. David Lighthouse.

Rachel / Pew 74 Wizard chartered by Fred Detwiler about 32 minutes after Callisto [Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan] And Bruce Aikens [Birmingham, Michigan]Was 5th and 2nd overall in the St. David Lighthouse category.

Zygmund Beatty’s after a little over 2 hours [Fort Lauderdale, Florida] The TP52 hooligans are over, followed by Dawn Riley [St. Clair Shores, Michigan] Both crew members boarded the Maxi Yacht OC86 from Oak Cliff Sailing in the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse division.

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