San Francisco: Stephen Curry scored 29 points when the Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics in Series-level 107-88 Game 2 and returned to the NBA Finals battle on Sunday. Curry spearheaded a deadly exhibition of Golden State shootings in San Francisco, and great Warriors defense efforts shut down Boston’s main offensive weapons.

The Warriors, who wasted a 12-point fourth-quarter lead in the first game, didn’t feel like allowing them to hit two lightning bolts to build a double-digit advantage in the third quarter and tie the best seven. did. 1-1 series. Curry led the Golden State score, with Jordan Poole (17 points), Andrew Wiggins (11), Kevon Looney (12) and Klay Thompson (11) also giving double-digit numbers. Jayson Tatum beat Boston’s scorer by 28 points, but decisively 21 people took part in the fierce battle of the first half.

Only the other two Boston players (17-point Jaylen Brown and 12-point Derrick White) broke the double-digit number. Draymond Green’s brilliant marshalling Warriors defense suffocated Boston in the second half, bringing together just four of the two Celtics high-scoring heroes of the first game, Al Horford and Marcus Smart. I kept it to the point. The series has now moved to Boston, with Game 3 scheduled for Wednesday and Game 4 scheduled for Friday.

“We said we needed to play desperately, and that’s what we did,” Curry said. “It feels good to get back on track. And now we have to put it on the road.” We got off to a defensive start and made imprints in the game. They made Game 1 We felt more than. Our third quarter was great and we separated a little more to make tonight’s fourth quarter easier. ”Warriors 35-14 Boston in the third quarter. He took the lead of 87-64 in the fourth quarter and then put himself in a winning position.

Pool party

The pool was electrified into a packed chase center in San Francisco after firing a buzzer-sounding three-point near the end of the third to block the catastrophic flow of play from the home team. The Warriors continued to put pressure at the beginning of the fourth quarter, ending the explosive victory with a lead of 29 points after the Celtics scrambled for a reorganization.

“I thought everyone was working harder,” said Steve Kerr, a Golden State coach. “It was pretty obvious, just our level of strength and physicality has risen considerably, and it had to.” What Boston did in the last quarter was more focused. We knew we needed to squeeze and increase aggression. I thought it started from the beginning. ”Boston, who scored 40 points in the final quarter and won Game 1, was suspended on Sunday. Resuming from where he did, Brown took the lead and jumped into the early lead of 13-5.

Brown’s three-point lead Boston 22-13 at the beginning of the first quarter. Then followed by a Warriors rally led by Curry, with the host returning within one point. With the buzzer curry layup, Golden State took a 31-30 lead in the second quarter. Boston found another gear, but Tatam nailed three points to move the Celtics 33-31 forward. The Celtics took a five-point lead with 40-35 on White’s three points.

The Warriors reacted with a 10-0 lead, climbing to 45-40 and rarely splitting the two teams late in the half. Wiggins scored from an aggressive rebound, giving the Warriors a slender half-time lead of 52-50. Boston seemed to be a more dangerous team for a long time in the first half, making a 10-of-19 from a range of 3 points, including 5 from Tatum, while Brown finished the half with 15 points.

However, the Warriors, who crossed the arc in the first half and had only six players, erupted after a break to block the game. The Celtics, on the other hand, coughed at 18 turnovers because of the Warriors’ defense. Celtics coach Ime Udoka was left behind because the team couldn’t get off to a bright start. “I was disappointed in the third quarter, but I was disappointed in the first half as well,” Udoka said. “We had the opportunity. We came out and jumped out early at 9 o’clock. Then sales started to generate. Bring them back into the game.” – AFP.

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