Dundalk coach Stephen O’Donnell admitted that he was disappointed to leave Richmond Park on Friday, adding that his team is still in progress.

Lily White was undefeated at home this season, scoring eight out of ten wins before losing to her neighbor Drogheda.

They scored a 1-1 draw against St. Patrick’s Athletic from behind, but couldn’t find a winner to close the gap with the Shamrock Rovers, who are currently clearing 9 points.

“If the game lasts another five minutes, I think we’ll win,” O’Donnell said after the draw.

“To be honest, I’m always disappointed. We’re definitely working on it.

The downside when you run great and you’re doing very well is people’s expectations (up) and I think they take it for granted. “

Owen Doyle led Saints early in the first half with the 11th goal of the season, before Daniel Kelly leveled it 15 minutes later.

O’Donnell, who was ordered to march after picking up two yellow cards for the invasion, added that his side had improved since his last visit to Inchcore in April. This was also a draw.

“We thought it was better,” O’Donnell said.

“It was an end-to-end game. It was half-time and we were quite happy with the position we were in. The second half was a bit sloppy.

“When we rejuvenated ourselves, I thought there would be only one winner. I want to win the game wherever I go.”

Peter Cherry replaced the injured Nathan Shepherd on Friday, but O’Donnell expects him to come back and train next week.

“The prognosis was great,” O’Donnell said after a shoulder injury when the Welsh U-21 goalkeeper lost to Drogheda.

“He will be training back next week. He may have a chance (playing Friday). We’ll see how he progresses. He’s just been hit hard. But he’s a tough boy because he’s been playing for the last four minutes after the injury. It’s Nathan, you couldn’t ask for something better. “

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