Stephen Bradley admits that the Shamrock Rovers team has left an impossible mission by scoring a goal in the second half of Bulgaria.

Over recovered from poor performance in the first half against Ludogorets, and a break at Razgrad brought the hoop down 2-0, bringing the game to Ludogorets. The score was still 2-0 and it looked like he was heading for injury time. Still alive for the rover.

However, a free kick near the goal of Alan Mannus gave Ludogorets and Sabuigor Chiago a naive play, and his shot was 3-0.

“It’s really almost impossible. It’s 3-0 and they’re a very good side. 2-0 is another game,” Bradley said after the match.


The Shamrock Rovers league race after losing to Ludogorets in the first leg of the second round of the Champions League qualifying at the Hubefarma Arena in Razgrad, Bulgaria. Photo: Alex Nicodim / Sportsfile

“We were there before with Slovan Bratislava, and that would have been another game, and that’s why the third goal is so disappointing. You’re actually really annoyed by them. Gave a tie to do.

“It was a big improvement in the second half. I knew that Tarat would have a second leg. It’s 2-0. Take it and say it’s okay and play the right match in Tarat. But it’s naive. We play. We are punished when we are not supposed to play and invite them to push us, “Bradley added.

“The first half was poor and I thought they were very good. In the second half I had one or two chances and played good football. But the third goal we gave was from our point of view. Is really really poor. Poor visibility and really naive. It’s an almost impossible challenge. “

“The players know that the first half wasn’t enough, and there were so many positives to bring in from the second half to next week.

“So if you give a goal in the last 40 seconds like us, you play when you’re not ready to play. This is really, really naive from a group of experienced players.

“And the players know that it shouldn’t happen in the dressing room. We don’t care about the Champions League Ludogorets and don’t do it at home to the Leinster Senior Cup team. It really is for us. I’m poor. ” Return to Dublin to prepare for the next test A league match at Doloheda United’s home on Saturday before the Rover’s boss Ludogorets travels to Dublin before trekking.

“Now we need to focus on Drogheda, learn from it, and focus on Drogheda. Next week, we’ll evaluate how we approach and approach the game, and look at it for review.

“The first half wasn’t enough and the second half was much better, so we’ll rate it over the weekend and plan on how to rate the game on Tuesday.”

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