That is why the “2 for 1” offer remains to this day.

Canadian Pizza offers a local flavor here, too, and is “very close” to the hearts and minds of its customers, Abdullah said. He said it was.

“We are not looking for flashy international flavors or anything like that.[It is]very down to earth. For the Indians, for the Chinese there is (it).”

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian Pizza sales surged an average of 3x across stores.

“There were so many orders and not enough riders to deliver[the pizza]. I was waiting for my car,” said Abdullah, who was still a franchisee at the time.

“Sometimes the outlets were closed for about four to five hours at a time because they couldn’t fulfill orders.”

He said the situation has stabilized, but the event highlights Canadian Pizza’s position in the market.

“They know who we are. They’re just tired… either they’ve forgotten[about us]or they think we’re boring.”

service, supply issues

As more customers turn to third-party food delivery platforms, issues such as service standards have arisen.

Half of Canadian Pizza’s delivery orders come from its website and the other half from third-party platforms.

“This is all while we, the riders, serve the pizza ourselves. So we have control over the riders. We control customer service, quality and delivery. No,” Abdullah said.

“When customers file these complaints, they are forwarded to us and this affects our image and reputation.”

To get customers to order directly, Abdullah said he plans to offer more promotions that allow customers to order through Canadian Pizza’s website.

Manpower and supply chain issues are also issues he’s grappling with lately.

“With all these things happening in the world, we have a problem To get the cheese and the sauce…we used to get everything from one particular supplier, now we have about 20 suppliers,” he said.

To combat the labor shortage, Canadian Pizza is considering automating production. Dough production at some stores, for example, is already automated, and Canadian Pizza plans to install a central kitchen in November.

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