There was also an opinion that the replacement unit near the current apartment was not planned to be sold because it enjoyed living in the area.

“I’m not going to sell it. I’m just moving. I love my current home, but why are you planning to build a new one?” Said Patrick On, 56, who works in the security industry.

On, who lives in a three-room unit with his wife and one child, added that he doesn’t think he needs to “replenish” cash to buy a new apartment.

In the same block, a 71-year-old resident who wanted to be known only as Mr. Tan said he would get a smaller unit when he moved to the new site. He currently lives in a corner unit with 3.5 rooms.

HDB will build approximately 1,065 replacement apartments on Ang Mo Kio Drive, ranging from two-room flexi to four-room units.

“For me, I’m thinking of getting a two-room flexi, so I can get my retirement money back. Now I need money to continue my life. It doesn’t make sense to buy 99 years anymore. But for others, they may have children and need larger units. Many different people have different requirements, “a semi-retired cleaner told CNA.

“(Government) wants to be demolished, so we need to shift (with no choice), but they have to be fair to us. Many older people in this block They can’t afford to buy it again. Paid) Pay in installments for years and then add another layer. ”

“I’m not going to sell. What are you selling? I still need to secure another place,” Tan added, adding that this part of Ang Mo Kio is “very convenient” for him. Is it very troublesome? “

On the other hand, some residents were happy to move.

IT professional Shanmugam was also looking forward to upgrading to four rooms. The 49-year-old current unit is a 3NG (new generation) flat, and he and his family have been staying for 16 years.

“As my daughter started to grow up, I actually thought about transferring to a junior college within five years …. The announcement of SERS was a surprise to us, but it’s okay.” He said.

“(Upgrade) has a small impact on my retirement fund, but it’s manageable.”

“It depends on the age group you are looking at,” said Shanmugam, acknowledging that some Singaporeans may lament the decision on a new minimum occupation period.

Similarly, Ms Evelyn Seow and her family have no plans to sell replacement flats. A 40-year-old CNA working in the travel industry told CNA that reselling Ammocchio’s apartments tends to be “very expensive” and she plans to keep a new unit when she gets it.

“We’re going to stay there, so we won’t sell it. In Ammocchio, real estate is already very expensive, so we’re not going to sell it to get a place here and then move there. “She said.

“I understand that many people aren’t happy with it, but for us, we’re already used to the area and it’s a good opportunity to buy a flat (at a low price) .. Still a lot, but in the end it’s about S $ 700,000 to S $ 800,000 cheaper for 4 rooms than buying a resale apartment in Ammocchio. But if you look at (4 rooms on the new site), it’s about It’s S $ 400,000. “

Seow added that his father in a wheelchair would also benefit from the railings installed in the unit at the new location.

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