HÀ NỘ IVietnam – – Media outreach – – June 15, 2022 – Vietnam Minister of the Environment of Natural Resources June 15 highlighted Seven focal points to fully unleash the Asian potential of renewable energy development.

Minister TrnHồng Hà, in his message delivery To the webinar “Asia: Renewable Energy Continent”, he said: “Climate change, pollution and ecosystem degradation are a crisis for humankind today.

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“”Asia is the world’s fastest growing continent and one of the highest energy consuming continents. Energy demand in the region is continuously increasing due to the rapid progress of urbanization and industrialization.“The minister said.

“”Asia is also a region with great potential for renewable energy, as well as important knowledge and expertise in renewable energy. However, the proportion of renewable energy remains modest compared to “traditional” energy.

“”Therefore, along with the transformation of the economic model, energy conversion will play an important role in the implementation of the United Nations.s Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and Net Zero Emissions Goals by 2050.

To fully unleash the potential of renewable energy and accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy he suggestioned that:

“”beginning, Renewable energy needs to be a public good that is useful to all. By doing so, everyone has access to and benefits from renewable energy development and energy transformation. In particular, communities and groups that are adversely affected by energy shifts need to be provided with livelihood and education support for career shifts.

“”No. 2, Promote cooperation between countries to remove barriers, including intellectual property rights, promote knowledge sharing, and transfer technology from developed to developing countries in scientific research, development and transfer in the field of renewable energy. Need to promote cooperation in.

“”Third, Policy plays an important role in driving energy transitions. Therefore, countries need appropriate policies and frameworks for the business community to increase their investment in renewable energy and facilitate the energy transition from the planning stage to the approval, management and operation of renewable energy development projects.

“”the 4thYou need to set goals related to the development of renewable energy, achieving net zero emissions, and reducing air pollution. This serves as a basis for making investment decisions and developing energy projects. In particular, we need to ensure commitment and responsible participation from the financial system, including multilateral development banks, financial institutions and credit institutions, by adjusting our lending portfolio to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

“”Fifth, We need to invest more in power transmission systems to maximize the benefits of wind and solar energy production, and in infrastructure projects that accelerate the application of clean technologies such as electric vehicles (EVs). For example, electric cars and motorcycles.

“”6thSynchronously with other solutions, such as the restoration of climate-resistant natural ecosystems, to strengthen adaptability and carbon sequestration, in addition to efforts to strengthen energy conversions and unleash the potential of renewable energies. Must be done. Promote the circular economy for the most efficient use of resources while conserving resources for future generations. Deploying technical solutions for carbon capture and storage to help achieve the Net Zero goal.etc

“”finallyThe active participation of the local media and the press is needed to promote the development of renewable energy in Asia that is commensurate with its potential. News and media agencies not only help spread the message about the urgency of energy transitions, but also help the business community and people better understand the economic, environmental and social benefits of renewable energy. Help.

JThe webinar “Asia: Renewable Energy Continent” was attended by representatives and representatives of ministries and business circles in and around Vietnam and Asia. Speakers included Tăng Thế Cường, General Director of the Department of Climate Change (CCD) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) on behalf of Minister MONRET rần Hồng Hà. Dr. Harald Drink, Chairman of B Grim Power Thailand. Hideki Minamikawa Director, Japan Environmental Hygiene Center. Frank Phuan, Business CEO of Sunseap Energy based in Singapore. Anil Sud, President of Chetna, India. Mr. Hwang Tan Kang, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ninh Thu An Province in Vietnam.

The webinar elaborated on the transition of current trends to renewable energy in Asia, the involvement of advanced technologies, the need for policy changes, potential financial resources, and issues in the pursuit of green electricity.

At the event, Hideki Minamikawa, Director of Japan Environmental Sanitation Center, Former Deputy Minister of the Environment, Thank you for the Vietnamese government’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions, He shared his experience from Japan and emphasized cooperation between the two countries on renewable energy.

“Vietnam people GThe government’s efforts to address climate change have been well received internationally, “he said.

He shared that japan There have been many policies to increase energy from clean energy sources such as solar, wind, hydrogen and biomass. However, Japan’s current renewable energy development is not sufficient and there are challenges with the power grid.

Still, renewable energy is the backbone of Japan’s electricity generation and is expected to supply up to 38 percent of Japan’s total electricity generation in 2030, he said.

Similarly, Harald Link, Chairman of Thailand-based B. Grimm PowerPel, said the widespread development of clean energy has spurred innovation, which provides many insights and models for Asian countries to consider.

“Renewable energy is a really new standard now. Wherever we go, we are all interested in different forms of renewable energy, such as wind, water, the sun, biofuels and even waves.”

“”With so much innovation happening today, we can see peer-to-peer renewable energies from different countries in Europe. ”

“Development of renewable energy requires proper regulation. It is important to organize an ecosystem of renewable energy sales... ”

Frank Phuan, CEO of Singapore-based SUNSEAP Group Pte, said: said He witnessed both good and bad trends in clean energy development in the region, adding that “good is not bad.”He developed floating solar in hydro dams, especially main land China and Taiwan.

Anil Sood, President of Chetna, India, expressed concern about the economic implications of overloaded grids and the environmental implications of improper handling of large numbers of batteries.

As an area with many renewable energy projects, Ninh Thuan Province has witnessed many positive changes and improved livelihoods.

Phan Tấn Cảnh, Vice Chairman of the Ninh Thuận Province People’s Committee, said: It has become a driving force for the development of other industries such as real estate, construction, trade and services, as well as coal power generation. ”

However, the rapid growth of many projects has had a negative impact.

“In a short period of time, the number of projects has skyrocketed and concentrated roads have deteriorated. The smoke and dust generated by vehicles transporting equipment in the area is affecting the environment and people’s lives.” He said. “The rapid development of rooftop solar on farms of less than 1 MW has affected the transmission of power grids.”

Vietnam is one of the countries most affected by climate change. With action and responsibility as its motto, at COP26, the country has made a strong commitment to net zero emissions by 2050, shifting from coal fuels to renewables.

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