Expected showers on weekends can weaken the spirit of the Glastonbury Festival, and national weather forecasts are volatile.

Meteorologists predict that it will rain in the western part of England on Saturday and more on Sunday afternoon.

Forecasters say low pressure systems bring rain to the entire region, so worthy farm mobbers may need to support themselves.

Holiday hotspot beaches, including Norfolk’s Great Yarmouth, are expected to have the most sun, so sunbathing on the east coast may be lucky.

Temperatures are average throughout the year and are expected to remain low on Saturdays and Sundays in the teens and twenties.

Marco Petagna, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said:

“Because the cyclones are close to the west of England, we may take a shower throughout the region. Saturday’s showers are probably the heaviest in terms of things.”

He added that “lively” winds are set to blow in most parts of the country, with gusts of about 35 mph expected in the west.

“The driest sunny spells will be heading east and southeast, but the worst showers can generally be heading west and northwest.”

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Regions like Wales, western Scotland and Northern Ireland are also facing the worst winds, he said.

Petagna said the June weather fluctuations were due to a change in wind direction from warm winds from Spain and France to cold winds from the Atlantic Ocean.

The volatile situation is expected to continue at least until the end of next week, he added.

“Until the end of next week, until Friday, it remains pretty volatile until next week.”

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