Ryan Giggs has pleaded not guilty to attacking his ex-girlfriend’s sister, Emma Greville, and, among other allegations, causing real physical harm to both.

Wales coach Ryan Giggs has confirmed that he will resign as head coach of the team just five months before the World Cup in Qatar.

While he was waiting for a trial of domestic violence, the national team qualified for a global football tournament. Former Manchester United midfielder has been on vacation since November 2020.

GiXo has pleaded guilty to a trial scheduled in the United Kingdom in August for acquittal of physical harm assault and allegations of controlling coercion against ex-girlfriends.

On Tuesday, the Wales manager announced his decision to take over leadership to Rob Page, the interim manager who led Wales to his first World Cup appearance since 1958.

“After careful consideration, Giggs has evacuated from his position as manager of the Welsh men’s national team and is immediately effective,” Giggs said in a statement.

“It’s an honor and privilege to control my country, but it’s right for Welsh FAs, coach staff, and players to prepare for the tournament reliably and clearly, without speculation about the position of the head coach. That is. “

Following the announcement of Giggs, the Football Association of Wales issued its own statement.

“FAW is grateful to Ryan Giggs for being the manager of Cymru’s men’s national team and to his decision in the best interests of football in Wales,” he said. ..

“The focus of the FAW and Cymru men’s national team is on the FIFA World Cup in Qatar later this year.”

Giggs has acquitted his innocence of his compulsory and disciplined actions against his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville from August 2017 to November 2020.

He also pleads not guilty to attacking Greville’s sister Emma Greville on November 1, 2020 at his home in Manchester, causing real physical harm to both.

The trial was originally scheduled to begin in January, but was postponed until August 8 due to lack of available court space.

Page, a 47-year-old former captain of Wales, has been an assistant to Giggs since August 2019. He commanded the match in November 2020, leading Wales to victory in the Nations League Group.

In March 2021, when Wales launched the 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign, he continued to assist the Gigs appointed by Wales in January 2018.

Wales made it to the World Cup in Qatar for the first time in 64 years, thanks to the final victory of the playoffs against Ukraine in June 2022.

In Group B, Wales competes with Iran, England, and the United States. On November 21, the team will face the United States.

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