Kyiv: Western long-range artillery will allow Ukraine to defeat Russian troops and occupy Severodonetsk within a few days, Ukrainian local officials said Thursday.

“As soon as we have a long-range cannon capable of dueling with Russian cannons, our special forces can clean the city in a couple of days,” Lugansk Governor Sergiy Gaidy said in his official. The channel mentioned in the interview distributed on social media.

Moscow’s army is concentrating its firepower on strategically important industrial centers as part of its efforts to occupy the eastern part of Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky described the battle as “one of the most difficult” since the beginning of the war late Wednesday.

Gaiday said on Thursday that Ukrainian troops in the city remained “motivated” and “everyone holds their position.”

“Russia is always bombarding areas controlled by Ukrainians,” he added.

The United States and Britain have announced that they will provide Kieu with a long-range precision battery, in response to a warning from Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The Ukrainian president said the Lugansk region was more widely attacked by mortars, artillery and rockets.

Four people were killed and five more were injured in a Russian airstrike on Toshikifka, a village about 25 kilometers south of Severodonetsk.

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