New Delhi: Indian media hit Star Cricket on Wednesday after England won seven wickets in the fifth test. After being put under control, India was bowled at 245 in the second inning, and England set a record goal of 378 runs that the host easily reached.

Joe Root defeated 142 undefeated and Johnny Bainesu hit 114, but England made it to the best test run chase with two sessions at Edgbaston. England needed 119 runs when play began on Tuesday, and early strikes may have given India a favorable momentum. “But the visitors were simply too flat and the bowlers were too capricious,” the Times of India wrote in a report entitled “New England Breaks New Frontiers.”

In the final two away tests against South Africa, the newspaper noted that the “best ever” Indian seamer failed to demonstrate strength or accuracy in four innings. Former captain Kori, 33, has experienced a long-term lean patch, less than a century after 2019. Hindus say every day that it is time for India to talk to the elephants in the room.

“Their next test is in December, but will Kori do what Cheteshwar Pujara did, while playing enough first-class cricket to rediscover his touch and form?” The paper asks. rice field. All English dailys praised Britain and praised them as “great.” “The century of Joe Root must be regarded as one of the best centuries full of elegance, power and mischief, and because Johnny Bainsu is in such a wonderful shape, they deserve to win. I did, “it said.

According to Daily, India will be played under “Shazball”, a previous combination of Ravi Shastry as Kori and Kori as captain, a spin-off of “Buzzball”, and England’s new coach Brendon McCullam and Skipper. Ben Stokes suffered from the nickname of an aggressive brand of cricket. India was led by Seamer Jasprit Bumrah for the first time in the absence of Rohit Sharma, who tested positive for COVID-19. “Still, we couldn’t shake off the feeling that India turned its back on Shazball, and the first-time lead captain was in a difficult position,” Hindu said.

“Although the aggression and command of Virat Kohli’s day is gone, the captains at the time often topped the top, but the team has more questions than answers.” Indian Express told Root. I sent a special praise. “With the most sacred touch of his career, he flows smoothly and gently like a river.” If Bumura couldn’t stop him, perhaps no one could. India. The fact that the seams have come not far from even annoying him captures the story of the incredible mastery of the route, not to mention dismissing him. “– AFP.

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