As for senior keeper Sadari Mohammed Tali, who now cares for endangered songbirds, his 22 years have been dotted with so many highs.

Like Saad, his favorite memory also involves a hornbill. “I successfully released a pair of Oriental Pied Hornbills in Istana and they even named a bird after me,” he shared with pride. ‘, and the female was named ‘Lily’.”

In fact, Sadari confessed to having a very special relationship with all of JBP’s hornbills.

“I have to say all “The hornbill is my favorite because I love working with it,” he admitted with a laugh.MaggieIt’s actually very close to me. I can say that she is closer to me than to her wife at her home. Her wife said she once said Maggie’s name in her sleep! And when my wife came to visit me at JBP, Maggie, who was so protective of me, pecked her!”

Jurong Bird Park has moved to a new home called Bird Paradise at Mandai Wildlife Reserve, joining upcoming attractions called Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, Night Safari and Rainforest Wild.

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