The University of Aberdeen has a history of more than 500 years. Founded in 1495, it has a long history of academic and research excellence.

Why do you think it’s important to go to college?

Universities exist to broaden our knowledge base and help us understand and analyze basic questions about human existence. It is in the fields of science and technology, human behavior, art, construction environment and medicine.

Going to college is the power of analysis that not only allows individuals to learn how the world works, but also to change the world and enable humans to develop new ideas, concepts and methods to change the world. It’s an opportunity to develop a better place for everyone.

In recent years, universities have also played a role in preparing students and graduates for the rigors of the business world as a whole. Today’s employers use college degree as a benchmark for assessing candidates in the job market.

Therefore, obtaining an excellent degree from a recognized and respected university can demonstrate a level of knowledge, understanding and analytical skills that allows candidates to add value to potential employers that stand out in the job market. One way you can do it.

What is the link between the University of Aberdeen and Qatar?

In 2017, the University of Aberdeen opened a campus here in Doha. AFG College, affiliated with the University of Aberdeen, offers a variety of business and administration related courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a variety of business-related areas such as accounting and finance, human resources, law, international affairs, marketing and information systems.

Currently, more than 700 students are studying the program at AFG College at the University of Aberdeen. Students who complete the program here in Qatar follow the same curriculum as students on the Scottish home campus. The assignments and exams that students do here in Doha are all the same as the tasks that Scottish students need to do.

[University of Aberdeen]

Students here in Qatar graduate with the same degree as students on the home campus. Many of our students travel to Scotland and attend graduation ceremonies at Aberdeen’s home campus. In addition to the graduation ceremony in Scotland, there is also the graduation ceremony in Doha, a very popular event on the calendar here in Qatar.

What is the value of getting a degree from the University of Aberdeen?

The University of Aberdeen has a history of more than 500 years. Founded in 1495, it has a long history of academic and research excellence.

Having a degree from the University of Aberdeen means that the entire world, especially potential employers, has the level of knowledge, understanding and analysis to be able to work effectively in an increasingly demanding global business environment. Is shown. It can provide potential organizations with a skill set that is beneficial to them in making tactical and strategic decisions about how they can compete in a rapidly changing world.

If you decide to work for a non-governmental organization such as the public sector or a charity, you will have the skills and knowledge to provide all stakeholders with beneficial services that contribute to the well-being of their employees. And the same for customers.

Who can tell me about my degree at the University of Aberdeen here in Qatar?

The University of Aberdeen’s AFG College employs excellent and experienced lecture and support staff. Many of the instructors are engaged in research activities. In short, they are engaged in specialized research to broaden the body of knowledge of a particular disciple.

Alternatively, they are practitioners with extensive experience in the business world. Many operate or operate at a high level in international organizations.

Our faculty are also engaged in consulting Our faculty are also engaged in consulting to provide advice to organizations around the world regarding strategic decision making and organizational development.

This blend of academic and hands-on experience provides students with deep insight into both the theoretical ideas of management and the implementations that organizations face in difficult global business environments.

Therefore, our students, if selected, are at a level where they can promote academic development and become researchers and analysts, or go out into the world of work and become effective managers of organizations around the world. I will graduate with my skills.

What is the role of the University of Aberdeen in achieving Qatar National Vison 2030?

The University of Aberdeen recognizes not only its responsibility to the global community, but also the specific needs of students and graduates here in Qatar.

Therefore, the university believes that it is important to contribute to the Qatar National Vision 2030. The purpose of the vision, especially those related to the development of the country’s economy, society, humans and environment, is deeply integrated into all the courses offered by Qatar. University here in Qatar.

The University of Aberdeen knows that many of its graduates will be future leaders, decision makers, and key players in the development of the country, and is proud of our role in helping to achieve the goals of our vision. increase.

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