August 19, 2022.

by neptune

Where Crawfish Sing **1/2

If you’re into old-school melodrama, this film based on Delia Owens’ best-selling novel has all that and more.

In the swamps of North Carolina, a small abandoned girl (Daisy Edgar Jones), exiled from a neighboring town, grows up alone. It has a highly publicized murder she was accused of, and a highly biased court trial, but with a kind and smart attorney (the always decent David Strathairn) who takes her case. In the midst of all this drama, she also falls in love with two charming companions who are important to her life. There is a wonderful black couple who are the guardian angels of

She learns how to protect herself by understanding nature and all its creatures. It would become her expertise and passion later in life. This is an all-female film, coming-of-age story written by Owens, directed by Olivia Newman, produced by Reese Witherspoon and played by Edgar Jones.

There’s a lot going on there, some engrossing, some too obvious and overdone, especially with all the soaring music and swamp-flying birds…

A satisfying ending, but you should pay attention to the ending of this murder puzzle. Please understand that it is only for a moment.

And beyond cinema, if you’re a music lover, the bucolic and sophisticated VARIATIONS MUSICALES DE TANNAY, located just outside Geneva on the Right Bank, is back with a great selection of artists, once again including the famous Capuçon brothers. I was. Melodies from Beethoven to Villa-Lobos, from Mozart to Dvořák, from Schumann to Rachmaninoff.

August 18th to 28th – check out the full schedule here.

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by neptune

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