Luxembourg is a fairly dog-friendly country, home to about 50,000 four-legged friends. Most restaurants are dog-friendly and give Fido a glass of water, but which restaurant has the highest dog score?

We asked a few pouch friends and their owners where to eat, drink coffee, and drink inside trucks for dog beer.

These suggestions are Luxembourg pet owner Facebook group, but let us know if you have anything to add to you and your dog.

Bacco and Nuno – Cafe Villa, Beggen

Bacco loves the garden of Beggen’s cafe villa with dog beer and ice cream

Photo: Diane Tan

This is a dog paradise for multiple breeds. Leila, the owner of the cafe, actually encourages customers to bring their dogs.

Bacco enjoys a lovely large terrace, a basket full of toys, a large water bowl, and even a dog menu with snuffle dog beer and treats.

Some other owners recommend this place, but the best support comes from Nuno, who held her birthday party at this cafe. Her staff always give her a nice greeting, a bowl of water, and a basket of toys. In addition, she set the stage for the party in the beautiful backyard, where she tried dog ice cream. Nouno’s favorite taste is peanut butter.

You can check the dog menu here. owner You can eat tacos, nachos and burgers.

Ivy – Restaurant Bei der Giedel, Lasauvage, Fond-de-Gras

Ivy enjoys attention and petting with Beider Giedel

Ivy enjoys attention and petting with Beider Giedel

Photo: Millera Dragota

Samoyed ivy loves Café & Restaurant Bei der Giedel. Both locations are Lasauvage and Fond-de-Gras. She is welcomed on the terrace and inside and enjoys the attention and caress of other customers.

owner You can put it in salads, omelets, beef steaks, tartiflettes, raclettes, or fixed menus. In addition, if you have children, there is also a children’s menu.

Ivy also visited recently Robbesscheier The farm was a pleasant surprise. She was allowed to enter the restaurant and she really enjoyed walking the farm while watching other animals. owner Serve Luxembourg cuisine, including Knödel with bacon, Ardenne ham, lamb katsuretsu, vegetarian and fish dishes.

Olix – Bistro Mart Bush, Bardorf

Olix likes Berdorf restaurants

Olix likes Berdorf restaurants

Photo: Victoria Hodgson

Kleiner Münsterländer, Orix, is content with the choice of two restaurants in the local village of Berdorf, but she regularly goes to restaurants in the Echternach area with her owner Victoria.

The Bistro Mart Bush, part of the campsite of the same name, has the additional bonus that Orix is ​​already enjoying walks and trail runs in the beautiful Murreltal region. There are outside seats, but if her owner chooses to dine indoors, there are floor-to-ceiling windows to watch the world pass by and water available to her.

owner You can choose snacks such as sausages and chips. Or, more fulfilling, in addition to burgers, salads, steaks, and fish dishes, there are also vegetarian options.

Flóki – Brasserie Schumann, Luxembourg City

English Springer Spaniel Flóki says he can’t talk about dog-friendly restaurants without mentioning his favorite brasserie Schumann. If you need a hint as to whether your manager likes dogs, take a look at the giant dog sculpture. head on. The terrace is a favorite spot in Froki in the summer and the staff are always very helpful. Their website has a staff member, the French Bulldog Lili. Lili also has her own restaurant, Chalet.

owner Choose from a finger food and tapas menu that includes slices of wreathling pate and vegetable hummus, or a Thai menu of red curry, spring rolls, and crispy duck. Main menu of foie gras, snails, steaks and cods.

Another favorite Elch Club Restaurant In the belt range, Floki makes himself a regular.

Winston – ELA Greek Cuisine, Kirchberg

If he's lucky, Winston gets chicken from the ELA owner

If he’s lucky, Winston gets chicken from the ELA owner

Photo: Lauren Manibsan

This Golden Retriever may arrive at ELA in front of its owner and will always be provided with a nice location and water. If you’re lucky, you may get some chicken from the restaurant owner.Winston is also recommended Grand Cafe Red Beef.

owner Drink cocktails and check out the hot and cold mezes offered, from stir-fried octopus and fried squid to ELA’s Graviera cheese and Dormades. The main includes Cleftico and Souvlaki. The tables are spaced apart in a light and airy atmosphere. Grand Cafe Red Beef has a dark interior and is probably a good place if you want to visit the Christmas market with your dog. In addition to various cuts of beef, seafood and burgers.

Bruce Springsteen – The Pyg Irish Bar, Clausen

Yes, you heard that right – an Irish pub that likes this Irish bar in Klausen, not a famous singer. His “uncle” always has water and dog biscuits so he can sit outside and inside and talk about sticks and squirrels with other dogs. Another owner appreciates Pyg as the perfect place to stop by after trekking Grund.

owner – This place has a homely atmosphere and offers Guinness, cider and numerous bottles of beer, making it a great place to watch football, rugby and GAA games on the big screen.

Ginny Weasley-Oscar Bar, Grund

Sunday roast in Oscar is a favorite of Genie and owner Pam

Sunday roast in Oscar is a favorite of Genie and owner Pam

Photo: Pam LeBlanc

When not in Hogwarts, a five-year-old Vizsla, Ginny Weasley enjoys the shade of the terrace as the owner heads to Grund’s Oscars Bar for lunch on Sunday. The leftovers passed under the table are an additional bonus.

owner Here you can eat burgers, fish and chips, an all-day English breakfast, Sunday roast dinner, and more on a budget. It’s warm and cozy and doesn’t have a lot of space, but there are lots of corners to install yourself with your dog.

Forest – Kaale Kaffi, Luxembourg City

Comfortable rugs for moms to sleep over a glass of wine or coffee and very friendly staff are some of the favorite spots in this cafe forest. She also wants to say that polite dogs like her are always welcome on the bus, but she admits that forests and fields are still her favorites.

owner Enjoy a cup of coffee surrounded by artwork, paintings and books, or sit on a very comfortable sofa or chair. Home from home for both pets and owners.

Cookies – Hostelli du Grünewald (Domel Danju) and Albacio (Luxembourg)

Cookies enjoy being praised on the Marble Throne of Albacio

Cookies enjoy being praised on the Marble Throne of Albacio

Photo: Katerina Kiosse

Cookies receive a lot of affectionate care at Hostererie du Grunwald and also make homemade treats. At Al Basio, I always sit at a table by the window, so I’m ready to sit on a marble bench and be admired by the masses.

owner While the hostel is serving grilled octopus and fillet steaks, you can try other dishes, including homemade Italian pasta and carpaccio, at Albacio.

Tammy-Ryodo or Le 18 Bar (Luxembourg City), Andea Villa (Steinfort)

Tammy is definitely a dog who loves high life and likes award-winning restaurants. The chef spoils Tammy with Ryodo and she always has plenty of sleeping space, but at Andel Villa, she tries to find the best table so that she can spread out out of the way. At her Le 18 bar, they just chill her and have her lots of hugs. All of these facilities provide water as soon as the owner gets a drink, and most facilities provide Tammy with a light meal.

owner At Ryodo, an award-winning Michelin-starred Japanese fusion restaurant, you can enjoy a treat with Japanese beef on the menu and sake. Given the quality of produce and the imaginative combination, it is naturally expensive. A more upscale meal, this time at the old villa of the Steel King’s family Korat in Steinfall, incorporating another award-winning Andea Villa.

Le Bar 18 is part of the hotel and restaurant Le Place d’Armes, featuring Marestivens carpets, antique marble and custom-designed sofas, giving you a cocktail of 1970s elegance.

Ahsoka recommended by cats …

Asoka enjoys lunch with the owner

Asoka enjoys lunch with the owner

Photo: Carole Plehiers

Cats aren’t commonly found in and around Luxembourg restaurants, but if you have cats who like to travel with you and wear harnesses, Carroll is thanks to Asoka, a coal-colored beauty. I have a lot of tips on.What she likes Matelot In the city Ninja House at rue de Strasbourg, and Restaurant Chen At Mamer. All have water bowls and chairs and welcome both dogs and cats.

owner Enjoy sweet or tasty galettes and crepes at the restaurant in the center of Materoz, with a terrace. The same goes for another spacious terrace and sushi in the Ninja House, and in the enclosed garden of Restaurant Chen.

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