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What happens when couples age together but don’t always go in the same direction? This is the central question of one woman posted on the SG Whispers page.

The woman writes that she is “constantly upgrading and improving herself in terms of knowledge and physique,” while her husband met a 15-year-old boy who “plays games and earns 2k a month.” has not changed from

She added examples of questions her husband always asks about where to find certain things like nail clippers, toilet paper, and laptop chargers.

“He’s lazy. They’ve all been kept in the same place since day one. He knows the place, but he’s too lazy to move his butt and go get it himself.”

And although she says that “a good relationship is one in which each other grows and improves,” women feel that they are the only ones “growing and improving” in the relationship. I feel that I have come to a point where I believe I am. She can do almost everything by herself.

“I thought he had a good sense of humor, but now his jokes aren’t funny. When we were dating, he kept telling me about his dreams and aspirations, so I thought he was spontaneous.” I thought it was fair..but now he tells me a salary of 2k is enough for a family of three.

And instead of respecting her husband, she says she has already come to despise him.

She added, “It’s so frustrating to see him..I rejected all his sexual advances,” adding, “Need advice on how to motivate a paranoid and lazy spouse? ‘ said.

The woman also explained that divorce is not an option at this time as they have a three-year-old child.

Some netizens commenting on the woman’s post told her that it might be time to move on, as her husband failed to provide a good example for his children, even though she explicitly said she didn’t want a divorce. Told.

However, one woman told her that she should encourage her husband to be a better man.

Another told her to respect her husband as a “man of the house.”


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