London: Britain’s Boris Johnson has reportedly announced his resignation as a leader of the Conservative Party, paving the way for an internal party contest to replace him as prime minister. Several possible successors have been proposed, but no clear favorite.

Rishi Sunak

Britain’s first Minister of Finance, who resigned on Tuesday, was a bookmaker’s favorite until recently. But his outlook was dented by questions about his private property and his family’s tax arrangements. With his resignation, he is back as one of the top candidates for a bookmaker’s top job. The 42-year-old snack has been the focus of attention on social media and has won praise for supporting the economy during a pandemic. But his refusal to approve further support for the first surge in living costs has hurt his popularity.

Jeremy Hunt

Former foreigner and health minister Jeremy Hunt, 55, lost to Johnson in the 2019 Leadership Contest, and he branded himself as a “serious” alternative. Hunt sent a thinly obscured campaign message last month for a new leader’s bid, under Johnson, “We are no longer trusted by voters” and “Ready to lose the next general election.” There is. ” However, fluent Japanese speakers lack the charisma of Johnson. His pre-pandemic record as Minister of Health was recently destroyed by Johnson’s allies.

Liz Truss

Foreign Minister Liz Truss, 46, is popular among conservatives and is favored for her candidness and active commitment to political attacks. But it also raised questions about her judgment. For example, in February when she advised the British to fight in Ukraine. Critics say her leadership stance is too obvious. When she led the Department for International Trade, some MPs called it the “Instagramming Truss Division” because of her abundant achievements on her social media sites. At this week’s G20 meeting, she reportedly returned to Westminster and shortened her trip to issue her statement later Thursday.

Sajid Javid

Javid, who also resigned as Minister of Health on Tuesday, resigned as Minister of Finance in 2020. The 52-year-old is the son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver who became a high-flying banker. Like snacks, he also faces questions about his personal wealth and tax affairs.

Ben wallace

The Defense Minister, 52, slightly surpassed the recent polls of the next Tory grassroots-favored leader because of his role in the Ukrainian crisis. Former Army officers and Johnson’s allies have downplayed their desire to lead the party, but are seen as frank and capable.

Nadim Zahawi

Nadim Zahwi, 55, a new Minister of Finance, was praised for overseeing the deployment of the UK’s pandemic vaccine before directing the Ministry of Education. Zahawi is a former refugee from Iraq who came to the UK as a non-English speaking child. Before entering politics, he co-founded the well-known polling company YouGov. However, his private wealth also received unfavorable attention, including when he charged Congress for the cost of heating the stables.

Thomas Tagendat

A 49-year-old former Army officer is a prominent backbencher who chairs Congress’s influential Foreign Affairs Committee. Tugendat has shown that he will participate in a leadership contest, but there is no lost love between him and Johnson’s supporters. A Chinese hawk, he was critical of the government’s response to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Penny Mordaunt

Mordant, 49, was the first woman to serve as Secretary of State for the United Kingdom and is now a lower-level trade minister. The Royal Navy’s reserves are expected to run, but are considered long shots. A strong supporter of Brexit and a key figure in the 2016 “withdrawal” campaign, she has been turned over as a potential unity candidate who can gain support from the conservative conflicting factions.

Dominic Raab

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Dominic Raab, 48, led the country when Johnson was admitted to the intensive care unit at COVID-19 in 2020. Former lawyer Karate Black Belt is considered a trusted ally. However, the move from the Foreign Minister’s post to his judiciary was considered demoted after he was initially unable to shorten his vacation because Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, fell to the Taliban.

Surah Braverman

Prosecutor Surah Braverman said in a media interview urging him to go to Johnson from Wednesday that he intends to participate in the party’s leadership contest. Arch-Brexiteer, 42, is another long-term candidate popular within the party because of her Euroscepticism. She is one of 28 so-called “Spartan” Tory lawmakers and refused to uphold former Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit Agreement on all three occasions voted in parliament. – AFP

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