September always gives us the feeling of the new school year of autumn, the refreshment of autumn. With the sultry nights getting cooler and the foliage changing, there’s definitely a feeling of ‘moving on’ in this season.

And a new school year means new stationery. Psychologically, habits learned in childhood are often deeply ingrained, so it’s no surprise that some people love flipping through the first page of a new notebook or pocketbook.

Search the hashtag #stationeryaddict on Instagram and you’ll find hundreds of thousands of photos of perfectly lined new pens, color-coded files, and beautiful empty notebooks.


But why does the new stationery take advantage of that comforting feeling even into adulthood?

promise of possibility

Niels Eék, psychologist and co-founder of mental wellness platform Remente (, talks about the promise of new possibilities.

“We can offer opportunities to change mindsets and achieve success,” he points out.

Whether it’s the first day of a new school year, college, college, or you’ve been away from school for a long time, “A new notepad and a new pen will make a new year of hard work and new effort a bigger one.” can be expressed.”

represent structure and order

Many people find that using notebooks and planners gives them a form of order and control. But in addition, it is representative of an era in which the year was structured into semesters, and some of the first memories of everyday life.

Few people would consider the amount of time in school or college to be a solid block, explains Eek. “Breaking the school year into chunks of time makes it easier to manage and achieve success.” Whether it’s setting new goals in your career, relationships, home life, hobbies, health or fitness , can be a useful concept to adopt in adulthood.

“Many of us adopt certain routines into our lives very early on. As we age, we may unconsciously retain these learned habits and behaviors for the rest of our lives.” Routines like resetting September each year and creating a to-do list each morning “can help you stay focused and motivated, even if you don’t feel right at the moment.” I can do it”.

He adds:

“As adults, we may not have to follow the same routine of buying new bags and uniforms to go to work in September. [but] The habit of buying new notebooks and pens provides us with the same refreshed mindset we had as children, allowing us to go back to school.

“A new diary, a notebook, and even the pen you write with represents your intentions for new endeavors and successes ahead.”

makes me feel nostalgic

Eek suggests that we tend to feel nostalgic when we want to go back to past moments when we felt happy or satisfied. At school he doesn’t have 100% good memories, but for many it was a simpler time with less responsibility. “Some people find dwelling on the past painful, while others find it calming and therapeutic.”

A 2013 study by researchers at the University of Southampton found that entering a state of nostalgia lifts mood, boosts self-esteem, and makes people feel more satisfied.

“The process of buying new stationery each year can be a nostalgic and fun memory for many,” says Eek.

Writing physically can reduce stress


In a world of smartphones, laptops and constant screens, using pen and paper to write can also promote good health. It produces hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, which can overstimulate the brain and affect the clarity of thought,” says Eek.

“Writing with pen and paper can be a healing activity in itself, but it also gives you the opportunity to do a little digital detox away from the pressure that comes with the storm of messages you receive every day. Using a pen and paper to jot down notes, write a journal, or keep a diary helps you get the rest you need away from your phone.”

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