We are now beginning to see at the turning point where electric vehicles are beginning to spawn sectarianism. It’s a sure sign that the buyer is aware of the demand for something a little different to spend money.

The great thing about electric cars is that it doesn’t take long to tweak them to something faster, faster, more calm, cheaper, and different looking.

That’s certainly the case with Volkswagen, which is pushing for a new special edition. ID.5GTX is a good example. All-wheel drive (AWD) is one (performance) version of the recently introduced ID.5 line.

It’s an ID.4 Volkswagen take in itself (more spacious thanks to the added length), but it only has a more sloping roofline to match what’s called an electric SUV / coupe.Its sloping roof doesn’t really affect the headroom

The cabin is almost the same as ID.4. This means that there are counterintuitive drive selectors such as reverse and boost. I know I’m wasting my time criticizing it.

Why can’t they keep it as simple as other manufacturers? Instead of twisting or turning the knob like you’re playing pinball, why not press a button to turn it off? I haven’t mentioned it anymore, so think that the problem has been resolved.

It’s a cliché that the big screen dominates the dash, but the annoying nature of slide controls and concepts such as audio volume is annoying.

Elsewhere, a large and powerful battery can certainly shift it (as expected from any kind of Volkswagen whose name contains the letters “GT”).

It has a claimed range of 490km. I’m optimistic, but as I say every time I drive an EV, it depends a lot on the type of route and how I drive.

The highway absorbed a lot of energy at 100kmh. That’s because the torque was used to accelerate a little suddenly. To enjoy it, it didn’t last when I saw the gauge slip.

Still, I was really impressed by the low usage around the town, so if you have a good balance of driving in the town and the countryside and you’re less enthusiastic, you might be able to reach 430km to 450km. That’s not bad at all.

With a maximum DC charge capacity, you can add about 390 kilometers to your mileage in about 30 minutes.

That’s what Volkswagen is thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had access to that kind of power input?

In short, it’s a well-set up large EV with many new updates. This is another effect of the digital age, where new technologies are easily loaded into variants when they hit the market.

The GTX covered a fair amount of ground with considerable abilities, but even though it has a tremendous amount of free-use power, it made itself stand out in a great way in terms of inspiring vibrancy. I can’t say.

In my opinion, considering that the test car will bring you back close to 80,000 euros, you will need to bite a little more for your money.

I think it’s a little steep. The price includes shipping and service charges of € 1,300. I’m sure there’s a reason to publish the numbers and a fair membership fee, but not everyone does, but in addition to everything else, it’s quite a few euros.

Do you want to buy? The question comes early because I have to tell you that you have never completely gotten what you might call a “buzz” from it. Except for these sliding controls and drive selectors, I think this is a perfect example of the latest EVs in that they maintain a high level of proficiency overall.

Still, it doesn’t have great charm or outstanding attributes.

I think it has plenty of room for the family, a great pace shift from its 299PS EV system, and a coupe-like roofline that gives it a different profile.

But in cash, I don’t spend extra money. I spend it on ID.4. This drives very well, apart from everything else.

Frankly, I’m not thinking about ID. 5 GTX is enough to guarantee extra thousands of spending.

We are confident that it will sell well to those who want to be seen in a larger VW SUV / coupe with a touch of all badges and signatures.

You can see why the family wants it and how practical it is for them in its spacious interior. Maybe I’m too conservative, but I take ID.4 and save money in case something really robs me of my fantasies.

Because that is the beauty of the current EV flow. There may not be anything that stirs your imagination yet, but it will.

Fact file

Volkswagen ID.5GTX, 77kWh battery.

Entry price € 77,110. Test car with additional charges and shipping: € 78,592.

Standard specifications include 20-inch alloy, 12-inch Discover Max navigation system, matrix LED headlights, exterior styling / badges, head-up display, CLIMATRONIC air conditioner, car-to-car wireless information transfer, adaptive chassis control, Overhead, reverse camera, red stitched front seat including GTX, panoramic sunroof, intelligent park assist, wireless charging, 2USB-C.

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