Loud parties, late-night brawls, and back alley pranks. Is this the abode of hell?

At least two neighbors have filed a police complaint after a property in Emerald Hill caught fire after a late-night ‘zouk-style’ party and neighborhood misbehavior.

The historic home at 81 Emerald Hill Road is owned by Hmlet, a company that provides communal rental space for short-term and long-term tenants.

One of the neighbors, a 39-year-old housekeeper who declined to be named, told Stomp that a party hosted at the unit on Friday (July 22) stayed up until nearly 4 a.m.

“I heard moaning outside the back door, so I went to check on him,” she said.

She was shocked to discover a couple having sex in a back alley just outside her house.

The couple were frolicking on a wooden bench and apparently left their lighters behind.

“No one wants to see someone having sex in front of their door, so I turned the lights on,” the housekeeper added.

Other neighbors have also reported hearing loud noises from parties held in their unit. Parties often lasted late into the night, with up to 100 guests reportedly attending each time.

Stomp understands that police responded to a noise pollution call on July 22 but did not witness any back alley molestation.

However, it seems that not all residents of the neighborhood are aware of the “Flat House Party” that is said to be held at 81 Emerald Hill.

A 28-year-old engineer who lives next door said he didn’t know this was happening, adding, “I didn’t hear much noise and I didn’t learn anything from my neighbors.”

But most people claim that the constant hustle and bustle drives them crazy.

Jane (not her real name), a 50-year-old business consultant, told Stomp that the party continued even when draconian Covid-19 restrictions were still in place.

She said: “They had tons of people. It was well over capacity limits.

At one point, she said, the party was weekly, but now it’s reduced to once every few months.

Part of the problem appears to lie in the fact that Hmlet’s short-term leases allow for high tenant turnover. This means that the party could have been hosted by different groups of people.

The 43-year-old salesperson, who is also a tourist and current tenant of the Emerald Hill unit, claimed housemates told her that the July 22nd party was her first party.

“I’ve only been here a week and this is the first time this has happened. The police came to complain about the noise so we moved the party indoors and didn’t know it was still there. Problem.”

Some residents have revealed that they have become cautious about voicing their concerns to tenants without involving the police because of their history of getting drunk and aggressive during violent parties.

A 38-year-old former resident who lived directly across from Hmlet’s property shared how he once tried to intervene, but his efforts were in vain.

“One Saturday night, January 30, 2021, I went to tell them to respect me and they yelled at me and laughed at me.

“We really couldn’t sleep so we called the police. My son is only 2 years old and was so small that he was kept awake all night by being disturbed.”

Hmlet assured residents that current tenants were being warned, according to several people Stomp spoke with, but reiterated that this was a completely new group of tenants with new track records. Did.

Jane, disappointed by the lack of a suitable solution presented by Hamlet, believes that co-living spaces should not be allowed if the organization cannot ensure that tenants respect their neighbors.

She said, “The whole neighborhood is very angry about this. This kind of meanness isn’t very good and doesn’t bring about proper culture…it’s like a brothel.” He added that it was particularly unsuitable for the stretching of

“They don’t care. There is no manager, no one in charge. Usually rentals have someone in charge, but no one here. Call who to call when this happens at 3am I don’t even know what to do. They need to have strict checks and managers in place.”

Hmlet did not respond to repeated inquiries from Stomp.

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