Will Young states that his 20-year musical career is characterized by both “emotional distress” and “overthrow.”

The 43-year-old singer, who made a name for himself in the first series of pop idols in 2002, is celebrating a milestone with a blockbuster tour and a retrospective album.

Over the past few years, Young has written two books on mental health and sexuality, starred in The Masked Singer, and released his eighth studio album.

In retrospect, when asked about the themes he saw during his career, he told PA News Agency: Usually, there is some kind of emotional distress.

“But that said, many of my videos have a lot of humor.

“I made a video and pretended to be a Blue Peter presenter. I think this is an amazing music video. It’s great. It was for a song called Who Am I.

“There was a great time when I started working together-less money for video than before-and I started working with these great directors.

“And much of what I’m doing is probably quite overthrown. I don’t necessarily like to enforce the norms, so I think there’s probably quite a lot of destruction.”

Young said he might have been able to approach his career differently and be more successful, but only at the expense of his personal well-being.

He states: “There may have been other ways I could have achieved my career, and I would have been even more successful. But I don’t think I’ll always be happy.

“So I think the key to me is to believe in work. Building the whole creative gives you so much. I think it’s very fulfilling – really really fulfilling. doing.

“What am I going to do for photography? What am I going to do for TV performance? To be honest, it was a lot of fun.

“And build the show. I was already planning a tour and talking to the creative director about it, and it’s really fun.

“But I think it will probably give you a long life. Maybe you should have fun. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.”

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