SINGAPORE – MEDIA OUTREACH – 26 August 2022 – WingsOverAsia, a comprehensive civil aviation services provider based in Singapore, has rebranded its membership service “ClubWOA” into two distinct memberships: WOA Flying Club and ClubWOA Social announced that it will In addition to the rebranding, private his jet handling services have also been enhanced.

WingsOverAsia first launched ClubWOA as a dedicated flying network to provide members with a platform to connect, network and exchange ideas. Since then, the membership network has grown into a robust social network with members across Asia focused on aviation, travel and lifestyle. Due to commercial success, the Membership Network has split him into two separate entities in order to differentiate services more effectively.

The WOA Flying Club is described as a club of aviators focused on flight training and aircraft owner/pilot support services. The club connects aviation enthusiasts, aspiring pilots, corporate flight departments and aircraft owners to his social networks.

Club-exclusive latest introductions include the launch of WingsOverAsia’s Singapore Private Pilot License (PPL) program with an updated syllabus, the addition of the Diamond DA40 single-engine and DA42/DA62 twin-engine aircraft to the WOA training fleet, and the flight instructors with experience in flight training participate in the WOA pilot program. Members also enjoy preferential rates for private jet charter services. With this introduction, WOA Flying Club members will now be able to benefit from a journey customized to their preferences, enabling a more curated aviation experience.

ClubWOA is an aviation-themed social lifestyle club focused on hospitality and event services. Members enjoy access to all-inclusive benefits, leisure experiences, and exclusive content and opportunities ranging from yacht trips to private his networking events.

New additions to Club facilities include an enhanced food and beverage menu and related services, as well as improved Club Lounge environments and amenities. Members can expect an enhanced enjoyment experience when visiting ClubWOA and increased membership value resulting from these upgrades. The enhancements will further enhance ClubWOA’s role as a premier destination for business and leisure aviation enthusiasts, hosting leading entertainment and networking events in the region.

A doubling in demand for ground handling services also prompted an increase in facilities and hospitality services. Recent expansions include the addition of towing tractors for medium business jets, additional ground support equipment to streamline jet handling turnaround times, and safe handling of large business jets such as Boeing and Airbus corporate jets. Includes a new towbar-less tow truck for As a VIP passenger and luggage handling vehicle, it doubles the number of experienced personnel and shortens passenger departure and arrival clearance.

With these enhancements to its Prestige Aviation Membership Club and Jet Handling Operations, WingsOverAsia will provide both Private Aviation Members and Business Jet Operators with a richer experience, adding value across its service delivery platform and helping all We aim to transform the aviation experience, enhanced with customer touchpoints. The business has already experienced some early success with its products and plans to continue expanding its reach across Asia.

Founded in 2009, WingsOverAsia (WOA) is Asia’s first integrated civil aviation service provider and developer at Singapore’s Seletar Airport. We share years of pre-founding history dating back to 2003. After returning from the United States with his private pilot license, the founder of his Yeow Meng is Asia’s first online his private his aviation, using his social networking and his technology skills. Launched his blog and started sharing leisure flights. Adventure across Asia. The blog further morphed into an interactive social his networking his portal, and offline his membership services such as flight tours, aviation life his style his events, aircraft sales and delivery support began to emerge. Decades later, it expanded into what is now known as WingsOverAsia.

From its Fixed Base Operator (FBO) headquarters in Singapore, WOA offers a fully integrated suite of private aviation services including aircraft sales, flight training, ground handling, membership services, private jet charter and management, and global travel support services. is provided in-house. for jet. The rebranding of the regional membership network and the enhancement of private jet handling services are part of WOA’s culture of relentless pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement in serving the general aviation industry. Pioneering the aviation lifestyle concept and business model, WingsOverAsia has established itself as a leading partner in the aviation sector.

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