Roger Deward Bush

(CNS): Attorney Oliver Brandt QC He accused the main witness of the “quite maliciously” crown that made up the allegations against police officers, claiming he had delivered a threatening message from his client, Roger Deward Bush. He also claimed to have created a false story in which Nikkieta Ebanks confessed that he had murdered his son Shakir Demario Bush in November 2019 because he hated Bush. She accuses her of lying and she is currently participating in her witness protection program.

The The prosecution was insisting Bush killed his son because of his jealous attachment and believed that the daughter he had with Ebanks was actually a child of Shakir. Mr. Brant said this was “absolute garbage” and Mr. Bush had never taken the rumors seriously. Ebanks agreed that the rumors were garbage, but Bush said he believed it.

Brant reveals that his client cultivated and sold cannabis to earn a living and pressured witnesses about what he maintained as her false evidence of the night Shakir was killed. Called. He accused her of knowing that his client was dealing with her drug business that night. That’s why I told her not to come to her home in her daisy lane.

He accused Bush for murder for her hatred for him after 15 years of his violence and unfaithfulness with her, and accused her of spinning a fictional story. He read aloud to the court a telephone message between Ebanks and her girlfriend, who clearly expressed her hatred for Bush.

However, Ebanks stuck to her evidence and said Bush had confessed and threatened her. She saw him at a table full of her guns, and said he hurt her and her young daughter.

Brant accused Ebanks of making “quite malicious” claims Police officers were threatening She on behalf of Bush while she was in custody. He said it was when she began to weave this fictional story of Bush being a murderer, even though she had nothing to do with the murder of her son. But she emphasized that it was true, and she wanted it not to happen, but it happened.

Brant continued to pressure the Witnesses on the alleged threat and urged her to admit that it was false and that there were no incidents in her cell. He said it was true that Bush had never met an officer at a liquor store in Georgetown, as she claimed. He said police officers categorically denied her claim and claimed that the story was composed because she hated Bush.

Ebanks relentlessly talked about the abuse she suffered and categorically claimed that everything she finally told the police about murder and intimidation by police officers was true.

Brant asked her about what she knew about them, with many other people who might have wanted to kill Shakir. He asked Ebanks about her various issues in an attempt to shake her trust.

He raised the issue of her own threatening behavior towards the young woman Bush had a relationship with. He threatened to shoot her one woman and asked her about confronting another at the checkout of the 17-year-old girl Fosters, who reportedly began to have a relationship with her.

Ebanks denied threatening anyone and said she was arrested but the case was withdrawn. She denied having a fight in the supermarket, but she said she made an ironic remark to the girl about reminding her to “give her grandpa medicine.” This was a reference to Bush’s her age, as she could see him trying to make this young girl what she did to her.

Brant also asked her about her relationship with another crown witness, Caine Thomas, when she tried to shake both the motives of the killing shown by the crown and the credibility of the witnesses. Shot and killed At Seven Mile Beach in April.

Brant implied that Ebanks’ connection with Thomas entered the Witness Protection Program and sent her to the police to make money. Ebanks began dating Thomas in January 2021, but she met him more than a year earlier when she was arrested in November 2019 and taken to a detention center. She said. She has even told the court that she met Bush, and she said she liked him.

However, Thomas was not the person who introduced Joseph Wright. Joseph Wright is an RCIPS detective who finally began to meet to discuss what he knew about Shakir’s murder. After submitting evidence to his conspirators, Thomas participated in a witness protection program (although he chose not to follow the rules). Violent burglary..

She also dismissed the idea that she had somehow benefited from participating in the Witness Protection Program. She said she was a qualified bookkeeper and she was always able to earn a good salary. She earned over $ 70,000 a year before she had to quit her job to be placed in witness protection, Ebanks said, but now she’s far from her previous income, monthly. Received an allowance of only $ 1,750.

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