Recently, a woman visited an anonymous SG Whispers Facebook page and “shared how unfriendly people are.”

She writes about the experience of waiting nearly 30 minutes for a lift at Causeway Point with her husband and a one-year-old child in a stroller.

“All the elevators that stopped in the lobby were full of healthy young people without strollers or trolleys. Even the lobby itself was not tied to a wheelchair and was crowded with ppls with trolleys or trolleys. rice field.”

When they thought they could finally get on the elevator to insult the injury, “a mother with a primary school child hurried past us and got into the elevator, making us rugged.”

The woman and her husband said, “I ended up using an almost empty escalator. I had to fold and carry a heavy stroller and carry a sleeping child.”

She added, “If you’re healthy and you’re not pushing a trolley or stroller, you won’t find it too difficult or inconvenient to use an escalator. You don’t have to climb the stairs. Make people laugh. , Have more compassion. “

Many netizens have pointed out that women seem to feel unnecessarily judgmental and do not see all the conditions that someone may need to ride on the lift.

“Even if you give birth to a baby and push the baby carriage around, you can never pass,” said a netizen.

Others called for her to qualify.

“”People usually don’t use elevators in shopping malls unless they need to, “another commenter pointed out.

However, others were more sympathetic to the woman, and some suggested that she and her husband should take the designated lift for the goods.


Why is it so careless?The escalator is only 2 minutes, but the group monopolizes the lift to the MRT

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