In the north, the guidance to advise people to work from home as much as possible has been removed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This decision is based on the Covid-19 Task Force’s assessment of the current situation.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Secretariat (TEO) said the decision “balances health, economic and social considerations and incorporates the latest medical and scientific advice.”

Due to the DUP’s protest against the Northern Ireland Protocol, there are currently no functioning executives in Northern Ireland, but the ministers are still in place, indicating that they are happy with the guidance changes.

A TEO spokesman said: Therefore, the position of “work from home if possible” in the guidance is not proportional at this time.

“Like the removal of other Covid-19 measures, this should not be construed as meaning that there is no risk from Covid or that the pandemic is over.

“Life continues to return to normal, but we need to be careful.”

A spokeswoman added: “Employers may want to consider how they can effectively use remote or flexible work to meet the needs of their organization, for example by adopting a hybrid work approach.

“When staff attend or return to work, employers need to carefully consider what practical mitigations will be implemented. This update advances our response to the pandemic. It reflects.

“Our vaccination program and the use of innovative Covid-19 treatments mean that the risk of serious illness has been significantly reduced.

“By taking wise precautions in our daily lives, we can continue on our way back to normal.”

Simon Hamilton, CEO of the Belfast Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the move to relax working from home. Photo: Michael Cooper / PA

Simon Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer of the Belfast Chamber of Commerce, said the decision would bring Northern Ireland into line with other jurisdictions.

He states: “This is good news and the Belfast Chamber of Commerce has recommended the Minister to do it for some time.

“Other jurisdictions had updated their work from their home guide a few months ago, but this has been postponed for a long time due to the delay in Northern Ireland, but it is not very welcome.

“Members of the Belfast Chamber of Commerce have invested heavily in making their offices a safe place to work. We are pleased that this fact is reflected in this common-sense decision.”

“This step in the right direction will allow many companies to introduce new ways of working and staff will return to the office more regularly, which is very necessary for companies in places like Belfast city centre. Provides a boost. “

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