Hybrid workers are offered free days at a range of remote working hubs nationwide.

This is part of a series of new initiatives announced by the government today to encourage people to abandon their offices and work in the community instead.

Workers will be given a voucher to use the telecommuting hub for 3 days. Three days will be provided from now until the end of August.

Heather Humphreys, Minister of Regional and Community Development, will also announce a € 5 million fund aimed at building and strengthening 81 remote working hubs nationwide.

Ms. Humphreys will also announce funding of € 50,000 to each municipality in the town and village renewal plan.

This money will be used to fund marketing campaigns and promote opportunities for remote work.

Currently, there are 242 telecommuting facilities nationwide.

Working from home was a breakthrough for thousands of people.

Ms. Humphreys said she promised to “return to the pre-Covid-19 way of life, not just to return to the” old normal “state.”

“When I meet remote workers across the country, they tell me all about the benefits of working a few days a week from a digital hub in the local community,” she said.

“They talk about how their lives have improved because they no longer have to start early in the morning with tough commute to Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, or other urban areas.

Remote work was a breakthrough for thousands of people. This will improve the quality of life for people of all ages, allowing them to spend more time with family friends and work in local towns and villages. “

Independent TD Dennis Nauten said the move was welcome.

Mr. Noten said: “Everything that confirms that these new connected hubs are being used to the fullest across the country is very positive, especially for employers, especially those based in urban areas where office accommodation is under pressure. I think there is a chance, to make it easier for staff to see and move to some of these remote working hubs. “

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