A scene of solidarity with the Palestinians in Doha showed the difference between Israel and the normalized people and their government.

Palestine is the ‘winner’ of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, with tens of thousands of Qatari showing solidarity throughout the tournament, says Palestinian UN envoy Riyadh Mansour said Thursday.

“The World Cup has dealt a decisive blow to the illusion of Israel. We already know the winner of this World Cup, but it is Palestine. people,” Mansoor told a UN diplomat.

The Palestinian envoy reiterated the need for justice in Palestine, saying it meant “an order based on international law has triumphed over impunity and double standards”.

Mansoor’s statement describes a scene in Doha where fans are coming together to shine a light on the Palestinian cause at a critical time when the world’s attention is on the Arab world.

Palestinian flags, armbands and black-and-white scarves known as keffiyehs can be seen throughout the stadium, demonstrating a united stance amid the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine. Most notably, Palestine participated in the victory of the Arab nations competing in the World Cup.

On Thursday, the stadium was painted red, green, white and black as fans celebrated the Atlas Lions’ victory over Canada.

In front of the lenses of Israeli cameras in Doha, people from all nations waved Palestinian flags, and acts of united support went beyond the streets and stadiums.

People are also becoming more wary of approaches from the media, asking journalists about their identities before agreeing to be interviewed.

“If you ask any Israeli journalist at the World Cup, they will tell you that nothing can normalize the Israeli occupation and that nothing can pull Palestine out of the people’s mind,” Mansoor added.

The forceful scene also testifies to people’s different stances compared to the government that normalized in Tel Aviv. In 2020, Morocco, among other Arab countries, including Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, signed the so-called Abraham Accords normalizing relations with Israel.

The deal was denounced by much of the Arab world as a betrayal of the Palestinian cause. People in countries that have signed the controversial agreement show their support for Palestine despite the agreement.

The Moroccan team celebrated their victory advancing to the Round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup after defeating Canada under the Palestinian flag. Similarly, Moroccan fans were seen holding Palestinian symbols in the Doha Fanzone.

Qatar has long supported the Palestinians, regularly denouncing Israeli crimes.

Earlier this month, Qatar’s undersecretary for foreign affairs, Lolwa Al-Hater, said Palestine would remain in Qatar’s “conscience” throughout the World Cup.

“We look forward to celebrating [the World Cup] With thousands of Palestinian brothers and sisters, I affirm here that their cause and our righteous cause in Palestine will always be present in our consciences, ”he said. Alhater said, aiming at the crime.

Participating local initiatives on the Palestinian side include the ‘Palestinian Dream’ campaign, which received strong support even before the tournament began.

Meanwhile, several restaurants and cafes in Qatar have expressed their steadfast rejection of the Israeli occupation, with signs at their entrances reading, “This place supports the boycott of Israeli apartheid.”

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