Immediately afterwards, Beijing called on the United States to stand by, with the aim of maintaining hegemony in the region, and “pulling the Asia-Pacific region into a trajectory of geopolitical competition and block conflict.” Blame.

In another discussion on maritime security in the dialogue, Adm Aquilino said that most countries in the region share a free and open Indo-Pacific vision. Prosper under a rule-based order to secure their own interests. “

He added that internationally recognized agreements and norms promoted prosperity and protected the rights and choices of all countries in the region.

The Admiral said America’s defense against these common principles is rooted in its determination to prevent conflict, for example, by maintaining open communication to ensure that competition does not develop into a crisis.

“There is constant involvement and dialogue with my partners in the region, which does not exclude any country,” he said. “None of us should accept the changes in the status quo brought about by coercion and force.”

Admiral Aquilino emphasized that the United States “does not ask any country to make a choice.”

“The choice is for a sovereign state, which is why we have a rule-based international order,” he said. “But when we look to the future, there is a free and open Indo-Pacific, or an opaque and closed Indo-Pacific, which may be correct, and they are considered by all nations. Must be. “

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