The Icelandic Meteorological Office today declared a yellow weather warning for the metropolitan area, central highlands, Faxafroj Bay and parts of southern Iceland. Strong winds and rain are expected in these areas for most of the day.

The bad weather is due to a low pressure system to the southwest of Iceland that will shape the weather over the next few days. The area will see significant rain and winds through the afternoon, with showers expected for much of the rest of the country.

Highland conditions are the worst, with wind speeds of 18-25 m/s and local gusts that can reach 35 m/s northwest of Vatnajökull. Tourists and hikers should be aware that such situations are potentially dangerous. Such high winds can also pose a hazard to vehicle traffic.

Faxaffroy Bay will experience similar high winds today, with wind speeds of 13 to 20 m/s expected. Local gusts near mountains are stronger and can approach 25 m/s near Kjalarnes.

Elsewhere in Iceland

Conditions in northern Iceland are relatively mild, with temperatures approaching 15°C (59°F) in Akureyri and Husavik, but rain and clouds are expected over the next few days. The southeastern part of Iceland will continue to see a lot of rain today, with showers expected along the entire south coast.

Strong winds are expected in the West Fjords today and rain is expected throughout the day.

The yellow weather warning post for much of southwestern Iceland first appeared in the Iceland Review.

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