London: Yorkshire and “Many Individuals” by the England and Wales Cricket Commission (ECB) following a Governing Body investigation into how the county responded to former player Azim Raffic’s allegations of racism. I was charged. The ECB does not name the person involved in the statement released Wednesday. The board said it was charged with alleged violations of the ECB’s anti-discrimination law and rules on the behavior of players and staff.

The Governing Body has added that an independent committee of the Cricket Discipline Commission (CDC) will hear cases scheduled for September and October. The ECB stated that it is standard practice for the CDC Panel to fully publish its decisions and written reasons. Former Pakistani-born off-spinner Raffic first filed allegations of racism and bullying in September 2020 in connection with his two spells in Yorkshire.

It was only a year later that the club finally issued a statement that the retired player was a victim of “racial harassment and bullying” and upheld seven of the 43 claims. However, the following month, the club confirmed that no one would be disciplined. This decision was greeted with widespread distrust. Pressure on Yorkshire has eliminated a large number of senior executives and coaching staff at Headingley headquarters.

But earlier this month, former Yorkshire coach Andrew Gale faced the prospect of paying huge compensation after winning a claim for unfair dismissal. The ECB had previously warned Yorkshire that it was ready to remove a favorable England international match from Headingley unless the club made changes. However, these matches, including a third test against New Zealand next week and a one-day international match against South Africa in July, will proceed as planned after the governance reform package is approved.

Bainesu England Hero

Meanwhile, Johnny Bainsu of England says playing Twenty20 cricket in the Indian Premier League gave him the tools he needed to start the amazing dismantling of New Zealand in the second test. Yorkshireman won a five-wicket victory at Trentbridge on Tuesday, defeating 136 instead of 92 balls, including a 4 of 14 and a 6 of 7. With a sustained assault reminiscent of a T20 match, Ben Stokes’ team was able to reach the goal of 299 with just over 50 in Bainesu’s 77-ball century (England’s second fastest test 100). rice field.

32-year-old Bainesu said he was able to put New Zealand on his sword by arriving in the test series shortly after his spell with IPL’s Punjab Kings. “Many people said I shouldn’t attend the IPL and should play cricket,” he said. “Yes, people say it would be great if you had four games of red ball (first class) cricket under your belt (before the test series), but unfortunately it’s all around. A world that doesn’t happen with the current schedule of.

“There is an element of playing against the best players in the world at IPL. It’s important to have those gears and to be able to switch them up and down.” Bainesu’s test career is Limited Over. Despite continuing to be an important member of the Z’s setup, it was balanced when the entire 2020 was done without participation for five days.

But before the flames of glory on Tuesday, he silenced critics in recent months, scoring hundreds of points in Australia and the West Indies. “When you can say that his back is hitting a wall when the chip is down, he is very proud of the fact that he may have to stand up,” Bainesu said. “It may be what you were born with, it may be the one you are deep in that you spring out of you at that moment. But for me as a cricket player, it makes me very proud. Is to be. “

England’s victory over New Zealand in Nottingham took a 2-0 lead in a three-game series. This is the first series victory since January 2021. Bainesu is directed by Captain Stokes and Brendon McCallum. “I’m very excited about what Ben and Brendon have in their vision, how they can play cricket, and everyone having fun in the field,” he said. – AFP

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