According to the Health Sciences Administration (HSA), between 2018 and August of this year, 428 people were arrested for selling e-cigarettes and 91 were prosecuted.

Another teenager, Tim, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the fear of being caught is there. “For now… I won’t quit.”

Tim and Kelly said their parents knew about their habits. In fact, Tim’s father was the one who bought the e-cigarette in an attempt to stop Tim from smoking cigarettes in secondary 2.

The boy’s father purchased an e-cigarette on a family trip to Johor Bahru about three years ago, and then bought another one for himself. “I still smoke cigarettes and e-cigarettes, but my dad only uses e-cigarettes now,” Tim said.

Kelly, on the other hand, said her mother had detected a “fruity” smell that was nevertheless emanating from her room. Her parents also saw an e-cigarette lying on her bed.

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