Singapore-For Lovine Tan, it was easy when it came to her goal. As she grows up, she will hear her father talk about working as an engineer in the harbor.

With the opportunity to include travel to different parts of the world, such as China, South Korea and Saudi Arabia, the 23-year-old industry feels to be a “very diverse and interesting” industry.

When Tan returned to Singapore at the age of 16 after staying in Saudi Arabia for six and a half years and enrolled in Anderson Junior College (now known as Anderson Serangoon Junior College), she had to study for a general dissertation. Her interest grew even more when she had to.

GP lessons often focus on the maritime industry, and she began further research in the industry, later earning a Bachelor of Science degree in maritime research from Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

During her last semester, she started a weekly podcast specially tailored for people working or interested in the maritime industry.

She curated bite-sized content on the latest developments in global shipping and supply chain operations.

Last month, Ms. Tan was one of 18 students appointed by the Maritime and Port Authority to participate in the first batch of Maritime SG Youth Ambassadors (MYA).

Through youth-to-youth advocacy, the program provides youth leaders with a platform to share their knowledge of the maritime movement with their peers and raise awareness of Singapore’s industry, called Maritime SG.

MYA is selected from local higher education institutions across a variety of disciplines, including maritime, business and law, and serves for two years.

Mr. Tan described her appointment as follows:

“I think they’re only affected and heard about the supply chain when Shopee’s parcels are delayed. I hope the various initiatives by MPA and MYA will change that now.”

Sarah Shaliev came across the industry by chance while scrolling through the Technic Institute website after O-level research. After that, she participated in Singapore Polytechnic. Singapore Polytechnic has partnered with the Singapore Maritime Academy for maritime courses.

Interested in working on the commercial side of the industry, 20-year-old MYA wants to reach out to junior high school students and elaborate on various ways to improve transportation efficiency through the concepts of digitization and decarbonization. I am.

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